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what is this?

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Topic: what is this?
Posted By: hydrographer20
Subject: what is this?
Date Posted: 23 Apr 05 at 11:34am


basically i fancy doing up a boat dunno why but what is this boat it looks liek the same shape of hull as a topper - any ideas?

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Posted By: sailor girl
Date Posted: 23 Apr 05 at 3:31pm
it culd be a sunsail?? my brothers girlfriend has a yellow boat that looks like that

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Posted By: bigwavedave
Date Posted: 23 Apr 05 at 3:58pm
Or a Flipper


Posted By: hydrographer20
Date Posted: 23 Apr 05 at 5:31pm
ok guys thanks for the help will take a peak at those other boats and see if there are similar

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Posted By: Wave Rider
Date Posted: 23 Apr 05 at 9:52pm

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Posted By: carshalton fc
Date Posted: 24 Apr 05 at 9:15pm
it looks like a big topper!!

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Posted By: sailor.jon
Date Posted: 25 Apr 05 at 11:38am
not a  minisail, i used to have on, till it sank

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Posted By: lemeouttahere
Date Posted: 25 Apr 05 at 12:38pm
tis a minisail v. similar to a topper but earlyer therefore les developed, a fteind had one with a wooden mast which was the standard till bout 8 years ago, mind you a coulpe of years later the class folded

Posted By: Black no sugar
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 9:45am

There's a Minisail for sale on ebay - =98955&item=7151259181&rd=1#ebayphotohosting

Look at the photos


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Posted By: Blobby
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 10:16am

So categorically hydrographer's boat is NOT a minisail...

And just to make sure look at the underside - Minisails had lovely concave sections between chines...(and if i remember rightly a sliding seat too)

Posted By: neilw
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 10:41am
The minisprint had the sliding seat, the minisail did not have one. I don't know if there are any other differences between the two but I imagine Rupert would know if he is around


Posted By: squeek
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 4:40pm
i could be a ''tadpole''. there was one in burghfield oppie boat park back in my oppie days, looks very simular

Posted By: hydrographer20
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 10:07pm
ok thanks gys have found out its a flipper ,  i would imajine it would be hard getting parts for tho

byte me!- GBR 814

Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 10:41pm
put any rig you like on it then, turbo chage it!!

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Posted By: lemeouttahere
Date Posted: 05 May 05 at 12:07pm

hmm me thinks 18footers rig

might need some hull reinforcements first though

Posted By: frankiehowerd
Date Posted: 07 Jun 05 at 11:21am

I believe the boat may be a "Tempo". Still widely sailed as a vintage class in Germany, under the name "Tempo Scrow".



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Posted By: Jalani
Date Posted: 20 Jun 05 at 7:05pm

It's not a Tempo Scow:


Posted By: timnoyce
Date Posted: 08 Jul 05 at 11:08am
that kinda looks like a fireball without the chines! there are some videos on their class association website.

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Posted By: gregmcewan
Date Posted: 27 Oct 14 at 11:24am
 Looks very much like a Tempo to me, have been sailing Tempos for over 20 years

Posted By: Chris 249
Date Posted: 11 Nov 14 at 8:11am
So how does the Tempo compare to the Fireball in performance and handling? And why did it die out in SA (it is dead as a class, isn't it?) when it has the Sprog and Sonnet as feeder classes?

PS where's that pic - Saldanha at a wild guess?

Posted By: gregmcewan
Date Posted: 18 Nov 14 at 6:14pm
Originally posted by Chris 249

So how does the Tempo compare to the Fireball in performance and handling? And why did it die out in SA (it is dead as a class, isn't it?) when it has the Sprog and Sonnet as feeder classes?

PS where's that pic - Saldanha at a wild guess?

mmm that is and definitely WAS the subject on many debates in days gone past. Personally my experience on the Fireball is rather limited, and my bias is towards the Tempo. All I know for sure is that the Tempo was maybe a bit slower on "take-off" but once on the plane, with that very very flat bottom of the hull the Tempo really was fast. Negative side I found, when sailing in the Langebaan Lagoon, was that the Tempo with it's very low frame, and hardly any rocker compared to the Fireball, would "dig in" very quickly on broad reaches and runs especially, so some skill was required on downward legs in medium swell.

I can also say with confidence that I out ran many a windsurfer, yes even a few kite surfers and to my pleasure some Hobie Dragoons and 16/18's in strong wind with ease. The Tempo is FAST under medium to strong wind conditions, and yep quite a handful with the large sail area.... especially the big Jib which required some real strength to handle

The SAS handicaps I found on both are

Sonnet 1150
Laser II 1055
Tempo 1012 (same as Hobie Dragoon)
Fireball 975
29-ER 922
505 910

So if that is anything to go on, The Fireball, is suppose to be quicker, but I am not sure on that. Some other specs to compare

Hull weight 79 kg on Fireball same as Tempo
Spinnaker area 13 m2 on Fireball same as Tempo
Jib / Genoa area 3.3 m2 on Fireball compared to 3.9 m2 on Tempo
Mainsail area 10.0 m2 on Fireball compared to 8.5 m2 on Tempo

so Tempo has Total sail area of 25.4 m2 compared to Fireball with 26.3m2. 

Why the class died out I am not sure, all I know is that dinghy sailing in South Africa in my opinion just died suddenly in the early 90's.... windsurfers did most of the damage i guess, but then they too suffered in return when kite surfers came out... People especially kids just don't really care about sailing in general I guess, easier to watch sport on the evil TV, shop, eat, eat, eat and play computer games.... I am not sure of the total amount in ZA, but i always thought it to be about 400 boats???? 

Germany and Holland's fleets lasted longer but I guess started later as well... Only a few handfuls of tje old racing dinghy's held on eg Sonnet, Dabchick, but once again, with international mould produced classes such as the 29'er etc around who wants to build a wooden dinghy nowadays ---- ME !!!! and a few handful's.

Anyway, tx for the interest, please feel free to find me at the Temp Group on facebook (link below)

By the way have started a Tempo group on facebook  at" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: rogerd
Date Posted: 20 Nov 14 at 8:22pm
A couple came up for sale on the cvrda forum last year. I don't know what happened to them.

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