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Sailwave High-point system

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Topic: Sailwave High-point system
Posted By: sy06
Subject: Sailwave High-point system
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 1:55pm
I am a litlle new using the sailwave freeware, I would like to use it for an online virtual sailing comunity racing on sail simulator 5.
We would like to organise competition with many regata ( approx 30 courses) so we would like to use a High point scoring system, then it s less penalizing if you miss some of the regata.

I would like to know , how to configure sailwave for this kind of scoring ?
I only see some low-point system, apendix A in the software.

Thank you for your help.


Posted By: JohnW
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 3:05pm

Hi Simon

Assuming you are using version 2 Sailwave you need to ensure that High Scoring is enabled by selecting the high scoring checkbox on the Setup\User Interface... tab.

Then you can define your high score system using the Setup\Edit Scoring System tab.

The tool tips on each field should help get you sorted.


Posted By: sy06
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 3:41pm
Thanks a lot for your Fast answer.
I have now found the option and configure it in scoring system, but here I have 3 choice possible ; CHIPS, AUSTRIAN, RINDERLE B.

Wich one is the more appropriate for my compettion;
Compettion of about15/20  boat, 30 courses on different days, and we want that sailors who miss one day get the less penalized posibble ?

Thanks again for helping me !!!


Posted By: sy06
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 4:48pm

We would like a scoring table as the first will get 15point and 1point for the last if there are 15 skipper in the "day race" and 22point for the first and 1point for the last if the next week there is 22boat.

How do we use the custom configuration in sailwave to get this kind of scoring ?
Do you think this is the good method to use for our competition ?
Wath we dont like with the austrian method is that there are too much point (1000+ for the first) and that we don't easly see each  races rank when we get the final table. I mean we allways see the number of point we get in each race and not the ranking .



Posted By: sailwave
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 7:11pm
use a formula of


for that.

Low and high point expressions use the same variables.

You also need to set up the scoring codes appropriately.


Posted By: sy06
Date Posted: 13 Jan 10 at 8:18pm
Thanks a lot for your response!! It works very well like this :)
If anybody have a better idea about scoring my championship I take.

Thanks a lot,

Good support.

Best regards

Ps; If some of you like, have a look at . Very realistic simulation. :) And sorry for my english mistake!!!

Posted By: Randan
Date Posted: 19 Oct 11 at 10:55am
Hi all,
I've been asked to put together some documentation for our ROs, so
that they can start using Sailwave.
Has anyone done any documentation for Sailwave yet?  (Apart from the

Posted By: SUGmeister
Date Posted: 19 Oct 11 at 11:10am
Originally posted by Randan

Hi all,
I've been asked to put together some documentation for our ROs, so
that they can start using Sailwave.
Has anyone done any documentation for Sailwave yet?  (Apart from the

Mark Townsend's Sailwave User Guide is available from -  

Simon SUGmeister
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