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Noble Marine Issues

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Topic: Noble Marine Issues
Posted By: hollandsd
Subject: Noble Marine Issues
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 8:23am
Has anyone had any issues with noble marine recently.?

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Posted By: Jon Emmett
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 8:51am
I have always found Noble to be absolutely excellent.

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Posted By: Adam MR 1137
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 10:04am
Noble were extremely good when I snapped my mast. Only good things to say about them.

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Posted By: stuarthop
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 10:16am
I deal with noble quite a lot doing insurance repairs at work and they're always very good, we normally have the go ahead to reapir/make a new sail within a few hours, its rare that it takes more than 1 or 2 working days for noble to decide if we should repair something or not.


Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 11:09am
Could it be they have a 'black' list of regulars.

You Dumb and Lucy the lash, must be high up on it, we'ren't you all thinking
of moving in to their offices?

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Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 8:36pm
Can find nothing but good to say about Noble, and given my normally negative views on insurance that's a real compliment to them.

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Posted By: asterix
Date Posted: 18 Sep 09 at 8:40pm

yep noble are all good in my book too


Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 19 Sep 09 at 8:21am
here here

They have always been excellent for us. They are the only insurance company that I have ever dealt with that do what
you expect an insurance company to do, quickly and efficiently.


Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 19 Sep 09 at 9:06am

I had on the whole had a good experience from Noble. I did have a slightly tricky claim a few years back where they wanted to write my Laser hull off as opposed to repair it and pay me a lump sum (as they said it was not eligable for the new for old because it was written off as opposed to damaged beyond repair). The amount offered would not have got me a boat in the condition of the one that was in the reapir shop.

After a couple of phone calls and some negotiations they agreed to repair the hull which came back from Laser looking really good (on the underside at least).

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Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 19 Sep 09 at 5:36pm
Dan - why not email John from Noble, details - here I am sure he'll help out, he does visit here now and again


Posted By: Rockhopper
Date Posted: 23 Mar 10 at 1:38pm

Just thought i should put something on here about the service i got from noble marine.

I broke my vareo mast on saturday sent the email yesterday to them with the online claim form by the time i got home from work last night i had another email asking for pics of the broken mast which i duly sent back got an email this morning saying to go ahead and order a new one as they will pay out for it.

Now how about that for excellent service i was very impressed by how fast they sorted it mny thanks to phil at noble for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By: tomoore1
Date Posted: 23 Mar 10 at 3:54pm

I had exactly the same thing. Broken boom and shredded main on my 300. Rang noble the next day telling them what happened. They told me to order a new boom (paid my 50 excess straight to LDC) and the next day a courier would come to pick up my sail. I got the sail back 2 weeks later (took so long because they had to wait for the material unique to 300 sails) and it had 3 new panels. The person who bought the boat didn't even notice the repair until I pointed it out to him.

Noble marine are absolutely excellent. Nothing but praise for them here.

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Posted By: winging it
Date Posted: 08 Sep 10 at 7:25am
All my boats are insured with Noble, even though they aren't always the cheapest.  They have always been great.

But but look, I have just read Jayvee's very first post in which he/she claimed, at 4.28 this morning, to have written essays for Noble for the internet.  I didn't know marine insurance companies required essays!!  How diversely talented jayvee must be.  A spammer?  Surely not!

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Posted By: BBSCFaithfull
Date Posted: 16 Feb 11 at 7:54pm
Originally posted by hollandsd

Has anyone had any issues with noble marine recently.?

I expect you were being special Dan

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Posted By: tomoore1
Date Posted: 08 Jun 11 at 10:40am
Just had another great bit of service from Noble Marine.  Phoned them up to change my policy from an RS300 to an old firefly.  Took me a whole 3 and half minutes on the phone to change over and rather than charging me to change boats, I was advised that I might be due a refund!

Keep up the good work Noble.

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