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What boat?

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Topic: What boat?
Posted By: Ozzey
Subject: What boat?
Date Posted: 27 Mar 05 at 11:36pm

Hi, I have loved sailing since I was about 8 but never got to go very often. Now I'm 18 and I live 10 mins from the sea I was thinking about getting my own boat and was wondering what people thought I should get as I have no idea really and don't know much about boats. I've got quite a few certificates like day sailing and seamanship skills so I'm fairly confident. I'd want to get a fast boat but I'd want to be able to sail it on my own and also with my mates who have never sailed before so the crew weight could be anywhere between 15 and 30 stone. I'd also like it to have a trapeze as I'd quite like to learn how to do that and also a spineaker as I would also like to learn how 2 use these. It has to cost up to 1500 as well. I know that I'm being quite specific but there must be a boat out there thats just rite. Someone suggested a laser 2? Thanks for your help.

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 11:10am

Are you going to join your local club?  If not where are you going to keep it?  I guess you realise that a boat which is fast with 15 stone all up will not be fast with 30.  If you want to sail it single handed and use a spinnaker then it'll have to be a Vario, which will cost more than 1500.  If you want it to be fast and use a spinnaker single handed then you are talking real high perfomance - in which case you need to buy something else first to get trained up.

You can learn a lot and not spend much money buy sailing a Laser, but it won't be very fast with 30 stone and it doesn't have a spinnaker.  You definitely need to visit your local club.

Posted By: Ozzey
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 11:44am

To be honest I wasn't gonna join a club as the nearest 1 is about 30-45 mins away and not intrested in racing at the moment. Plus I've pretty much always sailed on coastal waters so prefer to do that although I know its gonna cost more to maintain. Plus my gran lives bout 1/4 mile from a slipway so was just gonna keep it at her house and launch it.

I'm not too worried about it going fast with 30 stones as it will rarely be this heavy. It will usually be either just me or some of my friends who are pretty light so the weight will be 15 stone most of the time and 25 stone other times.

Posted By: ioanlavery
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 12:23pm

I would consider joining a yacht club - inland or coastal.  You can learn lots from other sailors, sail/train/race in similar boats to what they have at their clubs and, most importantly, you will have safety cover!  To launch from a random slipway with your mates and from what I gather, little experience, could be dangerous.

Have a look around your nearest club to find out what goes on there.

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Posted By: Pierre
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 6:13pm
Yes a Laser 2 would do the job.  You'd get a good one fo the money.

Posted By: Ozzey
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 8:35pm
I was talking to a friend of mine who's into sailing and he suggested the fireball but I've never heard of it. Anyone know if its anygood?

Posted By: sailor.jon
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 8:41pm
firebals are great boats, wiv good speed you could pick up a wooden one for next to nothing, spiniker and trapeeze

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Posted By: Mike278
Date Posted: 28 Mar 05 at 9:33pm
the fireball is a good boat . If you want more information here is a link to the class association -

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Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 29 Mar 05 at 12:16am

Make sure you know what you are getting into with a wooden boat.  Here's a link to a page on the Bough Beech SC website which tells you a bit about boats. -

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 01 Apr 05 at 10:08pm

Not sure a fireball would be single handable.  Anyone tried?

Laser 2 is perhaps a less good boat and  slower - but with the spinny down it's certainly single hand friendly - and with it up an interesting challenge. 

And they're so cheap!!!

Posted By: dinghysolutions
Date Posted: 21 Apr 05 at 11:18am
get a flying dutchman,the only true dinghy


Posted By: 49erGBR735HSC
Date Posted: 21 Apr 05 at 11:25am
Seen a lot of beginners, with the right size go and buy a 505 and do the relavant courses. It worked too, but you have to be of the right frame of mind, really enthusiastic and willing to learn. Good thing about a 505 is you never grow out of them. (and their cheap to buy)

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