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class forums

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Topic: class forums
Posted By: Andymac
Subject: class forums
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 5:53pm

Y&Y acting as host for class forum's?

pro's and con's....?

Posted By: English Dave
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 6:03pm
Most CAs have part of their forum restricted to paid-up
members. The CA forums are moderated and administrated by
those who know their membership and the class. Cannot see
the benefit of Y&Y hosting CA forums.

English Dave - Ballyholme Yacht Club

(You'd think I'd be better at it by now)

Hurricane 5.9 SX

Posted By: Andymac
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 6:29pm

Fair comment.

I was thinking of the smaller classes i.e. Lightnings that don't/didn't have a forum of their own. Obviously any arrangement would have to be mutually agreed by Y&Y and the CA.

Likewise Y&Y might give moderation / admin to third parties, don't know whether that could threaten the security of the Y&Y site.

There are some 'unofficial' class forums that seem to have taken a greater role than the official CA websites i.e. 'Jard' for the Laser 2's.

In some respects, keeping CA forums (and indeed sailing club forums) for the privacy of members only (yes I know you've paid your subs) could be counter-productive for anyone thinking of  joining up. Even not being allowed to read only can be a bit off putting....

Posted By: English Dave
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 7:07pm
It's not difficult to set up yr own forum. We have one
running for

I agree about the counter productive bit. As a Hurricane
sailor I am always trying to get tips from other multihull
classes but find it diffcult. However, on the - H59 forum we
have things split so that only class members get access to
the juicy bits while casual visitors can still find out
what's going on in the class.

English Dave - Ballyholme Yacht Club

(You'd think I'd be better at it by now)

Hurricane 5.9 SX

Posted By: Medway Maniac
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 8:27pm

Originally posted by Andymac

In some respects, keeping CA forums (and indeed sailing club forums) for the privacy of members only (yes I know you've paid your subs) could be counter-productive for anyone thinking of  joining up. Even not being allowed to read only can be a bit off putting....

Indeed. The Wayfarer site and forum are a bit like that. Not very inviting.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Wilsonian SC" rel="nofollow - 3000 Class

Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 9:38pm
Pro would be easier use, the two classes I've wanted to join tool around on
that garbage Yahoo groups board, I find tedious in the extreme and can't be
asked to engage.

Cons obviously class control of forum membership.

-------------" rel="nofollow - Bike helmet sale

Posted By: laser4000
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 10:25pm
I hate class forums that are

a) Members Only - What the duck - If I'm interested enough in a class to bother looking at their website then why can't I look at the forums. If the only selling point of being a CA member is that you get access to their forums then that's a poor situation. With my nieces working thru the youth system I occassionally want to look at websites that might not be a class I actively sail/race

b) Too many sections - events, buy and sell, technical and general is about all you need - having multiple different foums reduces participation - Optimist UK site is the classic example - they have about 30 different forums - almost one for every different event and most have no posts in the last year.

c) Ones that run on outdated / old-fashioned software. With the likes of phpBB or YAbb about then setting up a decent forum is straightforward for a techie, so why do we have to make do with outdated forums on the likes of fireball, firefly and 420 websites. Being able to sensibly quote, and thread messages and private message other users is all pretty standard..

d) Forcing 'real name' registration - dunno about you but I'm a bit loathe to post under my real name cos I wouldn't want people to google my name and be able to see all my posts, especially if the odd one done thru the working day - plus there's the privacy issue too - amazing what you can deduce about someone by linking together public record / pulicly volunteered information...

Yeah I know it's all done by volunteers - well before anyome jumps on me too hard then I've been there/done that and got the t-shirt..

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 20 Jul 09 at 10:32pm

We have a class forum; it's easy to use free to anyone to join and all content is open to the public. -

Classes who hide their forums behind closed doors seem quite strange to me ... why would you want to do that?

If any class wanted to host a forum there is plenty of freeware around or you can sign up for an advertising supported free & hosted service ...

Y&Y isn't the place for class forums ... even if it used to be the Cherub forum ...


Posted By: Scooby_simon
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 1:21am

If classes want a forum, talk to me; I already run the Shadow Forum.

Wanna learn to Ski - PM me..

Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 9:09am

For my money the - Laser forum and the - Phantom Class Forum  are among the best I have come across.

The Blaze uses a yahoo group, somewhat cumbersome but it is well used by the CA members.

To my mind a lot of classes could learn from the Laser and Phantom. Both boards are friendly and welcoming even to non class sailors (remember a lurker on your forum today is a potential class member tomorrow).

As for Y&Y hosting forums for smaller classes is an idea but there would have to be some kind of incentive for Y&Y to do this because the work involved would need to be paid for (Y&Y is a commercial organisation don't forget).

D-Zero GBR 74

Posted By: stuarthop
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 9:21am
The cherub forum and website is pretty good loads of stuff for non members and even more for members. The forum is split into 3 sections, public, members and commitee and all 3 sections get activley used.


Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 10:22am
The GP14 forum is rubbish, you can only rely if you are a member of the association and the traffic is poor.  Shame really because the website is great!  As with all RS classes the 300's use the yahoo group, which now i have got to terms with it don't mind.  There is a sometimes a good bit of banter on there as well.


Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 10:24am
The Laser forum on the CA site is pants, it hardly ever gets any posts!

The 700 lot use yahoo groups.


Posted By: Captain Morgan
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 1:05pm

Whilst being "actively involved" in setting up the RS Q'BA Owner's Group, I'd say that some sort of point of reference is vital.

Y&Y? Probably not what I'd like - The Class Association website is where you want to find information about the boat, rigging/tuning, 2nd hand boats for sale, builder/sailmaker info, etc. The - Supernova Class Association is very good for what it is. Their forum is open to all, which importantly provides potential owners with the opportunity to ask questions about the boat! Closed forums are pointless.

RS are aware that an Owner's Group/CA is beneficial to a Class, and they provisionally suggested Yahoo Groups (which I dislike for many reasons), along with Google Groups (which I cancelled due to spam). Both of these tend to have badly-linked discussions, as mentioned previously. There also isn't much scope to prevent, say, the RS Vision Group from looking any different to any other Group on there.

For now, I've gone down the - Facebook route, until RS are willing to get something "proper" up and running - here .

Posted By: MerlinMags
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 1:41pm
I've always kept the Merlin Rocket forum open to all - in fact you dont even have to register to post a comment. I wanted newcomers to feel able to ask questions easily, and thus be more inclined to get involved with the class.

Of course, we then get a small percentage of people hiding behind anonymous aliases, and making snide comments...but they are thankfully few.

I don't see why anything on a forum should be restricted to members only. Other info on a website, maybe, but not in the forum.

Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 1:54pm
B14 forum is open to all, though thanks to an unfixed bug in the installation you have to mail the admin after registering. This does, though help keep out anon posters and spammers. I think especially with doublehanders completely open is good, as in most only the owner of the boat will be a paid CA member. Plenty of friendly banter as well as damn good advice present. Well used by both the Aussie and UK fleets, though I think the nascent French fleet doesn't always manage to follow what's going on.


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 2:24pm
Of course, the Projection 762 appear to have just used a thread as their forum for a long time now!

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 21 Jul 09 at 7:51pm
Can i just say Mags you do a sterling job with the Merlin Website.  The Forum is probably the most active dinghy forum out there.  Fantastic.  I think it would be a good idea for there to be a classes section of the forum with sub categories/threads for each class.  Trouble is moderating the class bashing that will inevitably happen!


Posted By: ASok
Date Posted: 22 Jul 09 at 9:26am

Class bashing will always happen!  Its a shame that some people seem to own their boats, not join the association and then spend their energy on slating the class!

We have a very active Dart 18 forum - - .  Not as flash as some of the ones previously listed, but it seems to do the job and gets decent traffic.  The few trolls we do have moan about the class being static and the boat not evolving, but they normally only surface once a year and they are always the same people - shame!

Edit - Just a thought but would there be any mileage in Y&Y hosting class forums for smaller classes?  Surely the effort for this wouldn't be huge and they could charge a small fee or recover costs through web advertising?  I won't pretend to understand the internet traffic when related to advertising revenue, but its just a thought?


Posted By: Andymac
Date Posted: 22 Jul 09 at 3:39pm
Originally posted by ASok

class forums for smaller classes?  Surely the effort for this wouldn't be huge and they could charge a small fee or recover costs through web advertising?  I won't pretend to understand the internet traffic when related to advertising revenue, but its just a thought?

Um, that's how I started this thread....The topic appears to have widened to the good and bad of various established CA forums...nice to think somebody else is on my wavelength.

As Rupert pointed out earlier,  the Projections appear to have adopted a thread as there own forum..

Sorry got to go, the live tdf coverage is hotting up.....

Posted By: timeintheboat
Date Posted: 22 Jul 09 at 9:33pm
Merlin forum is great. I don't have one (unfortunately) but it is highly entertaining. Not sure how Mags manages to keep the bots at bay.

The N12 forum is also active and of a high standard.

Like some other things - sailing is more enjoyable when you do it with someone else

Posted By: MerlinMags
Date Posted: 27 Jul 09 at 9:25am
Oddly enough the spambots never hit the forum (hmm, I shouldn't have said that) but they did hit the photo gallery comments all the time. I had to introduce a special way to detect humans: show 3 small pictures and ask user to click the boat! - gallery/salcombe_week/2008& g

Posted By: Matt Jackson
Date Posted: 28 Jul 09 at 1:08pm

I have always found joining a CA forum is a good way of finding out how active (or not) the class is, and what the people are like before buying ito it. I expect most classes say they are friendly, inviting, lively etc but I like to judge for myself.

It is also a great place to find out what to look for in a second-hand boat to get an idea of value and to get bimbling advice. Classes that have their information/forum members-only are (big grey) pants.

Forum hosting is readily available though and if you are interested in more than one class (and you're lucky) they might be on the same host making a few less logins to remember.

Graduate 2157, Laser 147050

Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 14 Aug 09 at 4:29pm
I think it would have made sense long ago for Y&Y to host class forums
alongside this one.

The two other classes I've subscribed, well nearly I still haven't managed
to get on the Blaze forum much to my consternation, are on Yahoo and
what a trial that is..

Imv Y&Y always used to be about class news, and classes shouldn't be too
averse to publicising how 'jolly' they all are side by side and it would liven
this forum up a bit, it does get quiet.

Probably too late now since most of them appear to have their own thing
going on, but damn the Blaze lot need to wake up.. Forum membership
should be instant.

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