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12ft Skiff Open Meeting at Draycote Water

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Topic: 12ft Skiff Open Meeting at Draycote Water
Posted By: chrisg
Subject: 12ft Skiff Open Meeting at Draycote Water
Date Posted: 13 Oct 08 at 8:51am

Photos here: - 9800/

Report no doubt to follow.

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 13 Oct 08 at 11:15pm

I was having a chat with my old 14 helm tonight, we both miss the high thrill and spill racing that the 14 had to offer.  But liked the idea of 12 ftrs, how much would it cost us to campaign one ??  Is there anyway we can try one?? we have loads of experience of sailing current rules 14's, 9ers etc. etc. 


So guys whats the crack, i feel we could be sold fairly easily!


Posted By: chrisg
Date Posted: 14 Oct 08 at 8:20am

report here: -


Have a word with skiffybob or IainC on here. They are probably the best people to ask. While the boats may look expensive as you have to have so many rigs, the reality is that you only use one rig at a time and hence the sails wear out slower as the load is split between the different rigs.

You do need a fair bit of water though. Im sure if you wanted a go they could sort you out a ride on design source (currently living at Draycote).



Posted By: Skiffybob
Date Posted: 14 Oct 08 at 9:31am

Merlinboy, you need to delete some of your PMs. I've sent sent you some info, but your inbox is full.


Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 14 Oct 08 at 9:59am
I have deleted some Pms now!!


Posted By: Ross
Date Posted: 14 Oct 08 at 12:57pm

12 feet long? Won't that be horribly cramped, to small and slow?

If you can't carry it, don't sail it!

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 14 Oct 08 at 1:30pm

Your probably right Ross, what was i thinking.  But seriously we have been thinking about where to go next for a while, the 14's just dont have enough open events and we found it uncontrolable in big winds (just too much rag) 9ers well i couldnt bring myself to buy one due to the rig change (and the fact we would be MIles off pace) 800 is to tame.  I couldnt sail a cherub could i after the grilling i give you boys!


Its not set in stone yet, its something we have been talking about whilst having a few beers over the last few weeks.  I have been asked to fact find by my old 14 helm, we wanted to know how many events there are, why they arnt sailed at major handicap events and how much its going to cost.  Answered most of the questions now (Thanks Bob) i am going to report back to Charlie (my helm) and see what he thinks.  To be honest the thought of having a small rig for stupid winds does it for us (as well as that picture of Iain at weston)  In those weather conditions our old 14 was just un-sailable by mear mortals!


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