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Hobie 405

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Topic: Hobie 405
Posted By: ajbr
Subject: Hobie 405
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 6:38pm

considering buying a hobie 405 for my 14 yr old daughter. Seem pretty good value for money. she sails a single hander but would like to get into d/hander sailing.

mainly saling on smaller inland ponds.

Are they any good? comments appreciated. Can't go too big because of pond restrictions.

Any advice appreciated

Posted By: tmoore
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 7:04pm

i sailed a 405 at 14 and absolutely loved it. compared to other things it seemed fast. it is also a great learner boat for advancing on to the 29er (if she wants to get into squads etc)

they can be picked up really cheaply but best bet is to let her try one and see what she thinks of it.

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Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 16 Sep 08 at 10:20am

I agree.

When you look at the other comparable boats they are excellent value for money. Some will tell you, and rightly so, that its quite under canvassed but then that also helps build confidence.

We didnít have one for long but actually really enjoyed it. They sail well enough although the deck layout is showing its age and things get in the way a little bit but no major problems. And when the breeze is up is a real hoot. One of those boats that feels much faster than it is and so can be tremendous fun.

I'd say just get one and try it, as long as your selective on what you buy, you'll get your money back easily enough.



Posted By: no limits
Date Posted: 16 Sep 08 at 12:54pm
i looked into getting one as a second boat but am worried about the length of time it may take to be re sold. but must be a fab boat starting at £500

if it going to be for more than 1 seson then definetly go for it:):)


Posted By: Ross
Date Posted: 16 Sep 08 at 2:41pm
I would go for a 3000 over a 405. It's quicker in all conditions but no harder to sail IMO. I hear about the 3K a lot more than 405's so I would guess that there are more 3K events.

If you can't carry it, don't sail it!

Posted By: no limits
Date Posted: 16 Sep 08 at 4:11pm
tht sounds like a realy gud plan although you may have to spend a little more money on the boat it wll easliy re sell for slightly less or equal to what you paid for it :):)


Posted By: Fraggle
Date Posted: 17 Sep 08 at 10:30am

I sailed a 405 for a couple of years in my youth.  Lovely boat, and had a really good youth scene back then.  I think they are still going well in the midlands but don't see very many of them down south (have seen one sailing on Southampton Water)

They seem to last for ages too with a little tlc.  I used to sail number 98 and when I have been back to my old club its still sailed now over 10 years on.


Posted By: The Big Wednesday
Date Posted: 21 Feb 19 at 3:35pm
Somewhat late in the day but better late than never.  The Hobie 405 was designed as the RYA Intermediate Youth Training dinghy so probably not suitable for those who are adult and lardy.  It's more challenging than a Feva or Topaz, and the like but more manageable tham a 29-er.   The Laser / Vander Craft  3000 mentioned above is essentially designed for adults, not juniors.  Second hand examples are also considerably more expensive so not comparable IMO.   My son is 13 and an ex-Tera sailor and had no issues getting to grips with the 405.

Below is a new online resource for junior sailors interested in finding out about the HOBIE 405, a performance dinghy that was (and is) much ahead of its time in many respects. The Hobie 405 was designed from the ground up as the RYA intermediate youth training dinghy, not a leisure boat with go-faster add-ons. With great build quality, an asymmetric, single wire and PY of 1089 it  ticks a lot of teenage boxes and still offers a manageable and very affordable entry into real asymmetric sailing for younger sailors.  With competitive 2nd hand examples often around the £500.00 mark with combi, what's not to like?" rel="nofollow -

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