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For Racing Enthuzzo's Only

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Topic: For Racing Enthuzzo's Only
Posted By: Mick E
Subject: For Racing Enthuzzo's Only
Date Posted: 07 Sep 07 at 10:26am

Hi all

Im just wondering if there are any good tipr for racing in pacers out there! im about to do this whole racing thing and just wanted to see if any 1 had any goo/great tips for me to remember???

THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sailing is a water sport

Posted By: ChrisJ
Date Posted: 10 Sep 07 at 3:31pm


Sail the correct course.


Also see: - &PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=210&MMN_position =243:240


Posted By: Mick E
Date Posted: 11 Sep 07 at 3:16am
I must keep that in mind!!!!!

Sailing is a water sport

Posted By: Smight at BBSC
Date Posted: 11 Sep 07 at 8:57pm
Talk to Mike Wariker (pacer national champ) he sails at bbsc if that's helpful.

RS600 988

Posted By: wetandwindy
Date Posted: 11 Sep 07 at 9:26pm

Having sailed the Pacer nationals one year in a borrowed boat; make sure the fittings are all well screwed down and the hull isn't rotten. We kept pulling bits off !

More generally, get a good book on racing and race tactics. You would be surprised how many people have raced for years and still don't tack on headers etc.

RULE 99.9 section A: Fast boats with big spinnakers have right of way.

Posted By: Mick E
Date Posted: 11 Sep 07 at 10:23pm

Thanks to all of you, i will keep all of this in mind, and ill have a read of a good racing tatics and rules boook!!!!! thanks again and keep replying with your ideas!!!!!

Sailing is a water sport

Posted By: mckecfra
Date Posted: 12 Sep 07 at 10:11pm
make sure u dont go wrong way around a mark  :P

Posted By: Mick E
Date Posted: 12 Sep 07 at 10:49pm

ive done that a few times before and i dont want it to happen again!!!! thanks to all of you for your great help!!!!!!! i will be using all your tips in a few upcomming races!!!!!!

Keep those tips comming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sailing is a water sport

Posted By: mu-6443
Date Posted: 27 May 08 at 5:23pm
Check the start signals before you go out on the water! 


Posted By: KnightMare
Date Posted: 28 May 08 at 12:13pm
Keep your head out of the boat...
    Make sure you keep an idea of the 'bigger picture' - Just because you are on a nice lift doesnt mean your not sat in fowl tide. Dont focus on one thing too much.


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 28 May 08 at 1:13pm
Originally posted by wetandwindy

[make sure the fittings are all well screwed down and the hull isn't rotten. We kept pulling bits off !

They're a rather more numerous and well founded class in Aus I think you'll find.

Posted By: farc anal
Date Posted: 06 Mar 12 at 3:12pm
to coin a phrase
"WTF " Confused

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