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hydrofoiling international 14

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Topic: hydrofoiling international 14
Posted By: tgruitt
Subject: hydrofoiling international 14
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 3:29pm

see some great pics of the 14 at -  and -

looks fantastic, would crash hard at that sort of speed!

Posted By: sailor girl
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 4:02pm
they look awesome, i know i have asked this before, but i am still puzzled, how does it lift out the water so much??? can some one explain in a si ple way that i might understand!

Sailor Girl, Queen Of The Forum!

Posted By: Doctor Clifford
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 4:53pm
put simply........

at or near the bottom of the daggerboard and rudder
is a horizontal foil, amking the assembly shaped like
a T.

In section these T-pieces look like an aeroplane
wing. They are about three feet wide or so.

The wing going through the water generates lift in
the same way that an aeroplane wing generates lift.
(low pressure over the curved surface above and
higher pressure below the flat surface below - pay
attention in physics lessons)

Hence the boat rises up when going fast enough.

Suddenly the wetted surface area is reduced by a
huge amount, and you therefore accelerate faster
and to a greater speed.

sort of....

i think...

Dr. Clifford

take two tablets twice daily

Posted By: hurricane
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 5:10pm
shes blond remember joking babe

Posted By: sailor girl
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 5:57pm
oi hurricane that's cheeky!

thankyou doctor clifford! i understand now! i have seen foils with the kinda T thing and wondered what it was for! thanks!

Sailor Girl, Queen Of The Forum!

Posted By: Harry44981!
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 6:44pm
The image is ruined slightly by the helmet wearing guys- i suppose thats sensible in that boat though Has anyone acually been himt on the head in a dinghy? Apart from my brother who was knocked out of his boat by a laser boom in the back of the head as the guy dumped the sheet around the wing mark!!!!


Posted By: sailor girl
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 6:51pm
my byte gybed on land and hit my mum in the eye! she had a very nice balck eye!!!! ooops!

Sailor Girl, Queen Of The Forum!

Posted By: tgruitt
Date Posted: 07 Dec 04 at 10:38am

i had to go to hospital after a force 9 pitchpole in a national 12, was knocked unconcious lying in the water apparantly! was going bloody fast!



Posted By: Chris 249
Date Posted: 07 Dec 04 at 10:44am
Never having seen an N12 in the flesh, I have to ask, what do they compare to for speed in a big breeze - a Laser? I've heard they're slower than a 420 in a blow, which makes sense considering the yardstick and lack of a trap and spinnaker.

Posted By: tgruitt
Date Posted: 07 Dec 04 at 10:50am
sailor girl go to -  you can see the t foil on there.

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