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2nd hand RS400

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Topic: 2nd hand RS400
Posted By: headfry
Subject: 2nd hand RS400
Date Posted: 02 Dec 04 at 5:24pm

A dream come true.... I am looking for my RS400!!

What tips can you kind and knowledgeable people give me on buying a 2nd hand RS 400.

I truly thought I would be asking this question in about 3 years time, however I have a wonderful Mummy!!....... hence I am on the hunt NOW!!  scary, but what a Iovely feeling.


I will keep on putting my pennies in the jar!! and will still be with all you guys n' gals who are saving, as I wish to pay Mummy back .......

Keep going, it's your dream and little by little you have the power in your penny jar to make this one come true!

Posted By: Phil eltringham
Date Posted: 02 Dec 04 at 6:39pm
first places to look, as with any dinghy, the transon (gives an idea of how well looked after the boat is) shround bases (how hard sailed) fittings, sails/spars.  On the 400 look at the mast ram and the strut under it make sure they are in very good condtion, check the hull structure round it.  In general if the boat looks ok it is, make sure there are no patches where the hull is delaminating (the front cradle is a good place to check.  There is probably more and people currently in the class will be able to say more but this is a good start. 

Shifts Happen

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 02 Dec 04 at 11:46pm
Fantastic news - I'm sure you'll enjoy it - one of the best designed boats afloat.  What a great boat they are - faster than quite a few trapeze boats.  Consider the sails, they could be quite expensive to replace all at once.

Posted By: Matt Jackson
Date Posted: 03 Dec 04 at 8:08am
Mine (415) had osmosis, a common problem on early boats <500 not helped by cradle type trollies which keep water against the hull for a long time. Look out for little bubbles in the gelcoat where it sits on the trolly and get a boat that's always lived on a gunwale-hung trolly.

Graduate 2157, Laser 147050

Posted By: JimR
Date Posted: 03 Dec 04 at 8:34am

...agreed re osmosis on early boats, but most 400's now come with the cradle type hull supports anyway. They are at least lined with a ribbed plastic material that helps drain water away, and they make beach launching & recovery much easier than the gunwhale hung version. Just personal preference I guess.

Talking of hull supports, turn the trolley over & look at the state of the mouded cradle. They can fall apart where the metal uprights on the trolley are glassed into the cradle. Well worth checking as you won't discover this until the cradle collapses one dark night on the M25...... It's worth a few minutes with some mat & resin reinforcing the bottom of the cradles.

Watch out for any play developing in the mast foot area, the one on our first boat worked loose after two seasons (although we've had two other boats since then with no probs).

400's are generally well built & you will soon get a gut feel for the good ones. Rudder fittings, state of foils, shroud plates etc are a good start. Some boats develop cracks in the cockpit floor around the base of the "kick bars". Turn the hull over & look for signs of collision damage under the gunwhales (cracks in the gel, filler in the hull - deck join).

Mainsails chafe on the shouds & the batten pockets wear through quite quickly, but this isn't a real problem. Kites don't keep their crispness for long, as the chute is quite tight, but show me a boat with a chute that doesn't kill kites!

What can anyone say? Excellent choice of boat, they are fantastic to sail. You won't regret it!   

Posted By: headfry
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 10:49am

Thank you for all your help, there are many points that I would never had thought of!

I shall wait 'till after christmas and then start hunting. This will be my frist ever boat..... bet!!



What tips for a 'first time' boat owner?

ie. good web sites for spares, kit, insurance.

Again many thanks to you all for your time and trouble taken.

Posted By: Jon Emmett
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 4:56pm

For insurance I would recommend Noble and strongly advise against Bishops Skinner.

------------- -

Posted By: redback
Date Posted: 06 Dec 04 at 6:28pm
I know Noble are expensive but they are really good.  A boat like a 400 is not cheap and deserves the best.  Imagine if you break the mast and rip the sail - with Noble you'll get all new replacement kit, with the others you'll have to kick in with some of the money to get new gear.  When you're starting out it is particularly the time spend the extra.

Posted By: Adam84
Date Posted: 09 Dec 04 at 9:35pm
Ive always insured my boats with noble, they are a very good company I strongly recomend you insure your boat with them.

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