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Topic: Windsurfing
Posted By: jamesint505
Subject: Windsurfing
Date Posted: 16 Jan 07 at 10:25pm
I didn't know where to put this thread as there's no specific board for it but I'm looking to get into windsurfing.Now I'm a fairly big bloke at 6 ' 4 " and I know the problem with dinghies being designed for small people so I was wondering if anyone with some experience could give me some idea where to start regarding board volume/size sail size and type of board.I would be sailing it at my local sailing club to get some experience and I don't mind getting wet (obviously).Ihaven't actually done any wind surfing since I was at college and I found it quite easy but then again it might be due to the fact that the board i was using was the size of a canal barge.any help much appreciated.Thanks

505 7567

Posted By: iansmithofotley
Date Posted: 16 Jan 07 at 10:46pm

Hi James,

Take a look at the sister magazine to this one: -

There are loads of windsurfing sites including ones from manufacturers, retailers and area/club sites depending on where you live.

Ian  (Yokshire Dales S.C.)

Posted By: radixon
Date Posted: 17 Jan 07 at 7:58am
The other bit of advice is maybe to go on a course to brush up your skills. As well as doing that, you can also try out different board/rigs.

Depending on where you are, there are many centres around. check out the RYA website.


Posted By: Wes
Date Posted: 31 Jan 07 at 10:29am

Windsurfing really is a get stuck in and learn by falling off type sport. You'll get better through coaching, but nothing beats learning where you can place your feet by putting them in the wrong place and falling off a lot!

When you were windsurfing before, what was your standard? How much do you weigh, what's your budget and what's your asperations (fast blasting, coastal sailing etc). I can easily point you in the right direction, but you'll also get some great feedback on the boards forum.

Posted By: getafix
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 11:12am
... wind surfing, wasn't this popular a while back?  where have they all gone, was a time you couldn't move on the beach for people either rigging up or getting a breather between runs, now you're lucky if you see more than 1 or 2 out at a time

was it a fad or did the sport 'eat itself' by trying to introduce too many variants and variables and bam-boozling the public with costly kit you didn't really need to just enjoy yourself

... get the same feeling sometimes at the dinghy show, seems a lot of "new" boats get launched just to justify SMOD marketing departments existence rather than any effort to reach a new market or get more people on the water

Feeling sorry for vegans since it became the latest fad to claim you are one

Posted By: Stefan Lloyd
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 11:45am

Originally posted by getafix

was it a fad or did the sport 'eat itself' by trying to introduce too many variants and variables and bam-boozling the public with costly kit you didn't really need to just enjoy yourself

A bit of both really. The "hey, rad dude" brigade have moved on to kite-boarding. Meanwhile equipment manufacturers more or less abandoned beginners on limited budgets in favour of preaching to the converted, with huge quivvers of sails and boards for every occassion. It can't be presented as a cheap alternative to other forms of sailing any more.

It's not dead but it is certainly much smaller than it was 20 years ago.


Posted By: WildWood
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 1:45pm

err do either of you guys have any idea what you're talking about?  Windsurfing is easier to learn now than ever after the development of wide more stable boards.  There are countless places round the UK coast where you can see loads of windsurfers out on any windy weekend.

I don't think it was ever 'a cheap alternative to other forms of sailing'.  Certainly a faster alternative though in the right conditions.  Maybe it isn't quite as popular as it was, but neither is dinghy or yacht sailing!

If you want to go properly fast windsurfing is still the way to go.  There aren't many boats easily capable of 25+ knots where as even average windsurfers can achieve this on kit that costs less than a grand.


Posted By: Stefan Lloyd
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 5:37pm

Nobody disputes that windsurfing is easier to learn now and the equipment has improved. However around the time you were first going to school, early to mid 80s, there was a huge windsurfing boom and yes it certainly was at that time 'a cheap alternative to other forms of sailing', with vastly more people participating than do so today. There used to be massive races such as the Round Hayling with several hundred people taking part. All long gone, unfortunately. If you think I'm anti-windsurfing you couldn't be more wrong.



Posted By: Rob.e
Date Posted: 09 Feb 07 at 6:16pm
Yup, I think I raced against 750 boards in at least two Round Hayling Marathons: you won't see that nowadays!


Posted By: ssailor
Date Posted: 29 May 07 at 1:02am
Um hellllooo, windsurfing is still rocking, getting into it couldnt be simpler, head on down to yor local rya centre, and have some lessons, the new kit makes it alot easier to learn, with alot less of the falling off!

Heres some sneaky pics from some of my comps recently... and yes im still racing a 600 when i can!

give it a go you may like it!

Any one in need of quality carbon fibre work (tillers etc) at decent prices!

Int 14 Gbr 1244 'Nucking Futs'

The New Port rule!!.

Posted By: Stefan Lloyd
Date Posted: 29 May 07 at 5:40am
Where were the photos taken?

Posted By: ssailor
Date Posted: 29 May 07 at 10:28am
The first ones are from Bigbury Bay nr Plymouth, the last two wave shots are from Avon Beach, Christchurch and the Freestyle (flat water) pic is from Rutland

Any one in need of quality carbon fibre work (tillers etc) at decent prices!

Int 14 Gbr 1244 'Nucking Futs'

The New Port rule!!.

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