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Rs200 slot gasket emergency repair

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Topic: Rs200 slot gasket emergency repair
Posted By: ifoxwell
Subject: Rs200 slot gasket emergency repair
Date Posted: 16 Jun 21 at 11:48am
Hoping to do the Medway Marathon this weekend but realised last night that the slot gasket has half fallen off. 3ft detached from the front
Given that I'll only have at most 2 hours before launching do I
Try and stick it back on if so with what
Temporarily stick it back with parcel tape or simular
Rip it off and sail without it
Or something else
Ideas please


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 16 Jun 21 at 11:51am
impact adhesive would be my choice.

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 16 Jun 21 at 12:10pm
I'm running an emergency repair on the Solution, glued with that no nails stuff and backed up with good old *Duck Tape went from last back to first last time we ventured out...

But get the kit RS sell, their glue (at least the stuff they supplied to us with the RS500) is the nuts, best kit I've come across.

*Duck Tape it's a brand name sold at one of the online chandlers, beware, the last one I bought had just a few yards on it.

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Posted By: GybeFunny
Date Posted: 16 Jun 21 at 3:05pm
Rooster have a new tape they are recommending for this, there was a video of Steve applying it and it looked very easy. I expect you will want a new slot gasket which may not be delivered in time though.

If you cannot get the right stuff I wouldnt consider sailing without, the boat will be like a fountain! Sticking on with duct tape will be better than nothing.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 16 Jun 21 at 10:32pm
The Rooster/3M tape is certainly easy to use and seems to stick very well, my mate replaced his Blaze slot gasket a couple of weeks ago and it was very straightforward and simple.

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Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 23 Jun 21 at 9:08am
As an update for those that may find themselves in a similar position.

I scraped off all the old glue that I could in the time allowed with an old chisel and then stuck it back on with evostick impact adhesive. Toolstation sold the stuff and at least i knew I could get it before the race. The joint was only completed about 20 min from launch so I ran a line of the thin brown parcel tape around the outside to help hold it all in place, not ideal but I figured it was better than having the tape half fall off in the race.

Any way end result is that its still on and worked fine, I now just have to remember to roll it over and take the tape off now.

Thanks for the input everyone


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