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Category: Dinghy classes
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Printed Date: 29 Nov 20 at 10:58am
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Topic: PFDs
Posted By: Iain C
Subject: PFDs
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 8:55am
Long time no post!

I'm getting back into dinghy sailing...I've joined Rutland SC and bought an RS700.  Some of my kit is a bit long in the tooth so I'm buying some new.

My current PFD/BA is an old Magic Marine front zip job that has seen better days.  I'm looking for a new PFD.  Boxes it needs to tick:

-Lowish profile, I don't want the shoulder sticking up and getting hooked by the stowed spi pole on my Fireball when I tack!

-Easy access to the trapeze hook for 700 sailing

-Something that will actually work, and not instantly ride up to be supporting nothing other than my nose during a swim

-Room under my chin, I hate the feeling of the thing riding up and getting in the way when flat wiring

-Versatile enough size wise to be OK with everything from just a rash vest to a drysuit

I've bought a Gill Race Synchro M/L but it's too small and sits too high (odd, as the other Gill kit I have bought, Long John size L and trapeze harness M/L are fine.  I could go bigger or try something different.

The new Rooster 50N CE Impact looks interesting, does anyone have any experience of these yet?  I like the fact it's supposed to be minimalist and low profile, although not entirely sure on the styling, reminds me of the Gill Compressor which made the average 40 something Dad look like he was in some fancy dress superhero outfit and massively failing to pull it off.

Has to be black/grey too.

Any recommendations?

RS700 GBR922 "Wirespeed"
Fireball GBR14474 "Eleven Parsecs"
Enterprise GBR21970
Bavaria 32 GBR4755L "Adastra"

Posted By: Iain C
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:06am
Yikes, sorry about the formatting!

RS700 GBR922 "Wirespeed"
Fireball GBR14474 "Eleven Parsecs"
Enterprise GBR21970
Bavaria 32 GBR4755L "Adastra"

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:11am
I like the look of the Neil Pryde Elite Hook BA but I haven't tried one yet. I do have the basic version which is not bad." rel="nofollow -

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:32am

I recently changed to a Spinlock Foil. It' a low profile 50N PFD, the neckline at the back is cut a little lower than normal, this means that there isn't a ridge as I duck under the boom.
I've managed a crash gybe in my Solo (with full kicker) - it doesn't catch the boom, just a thump on the back!
My old Gill would stand proud of my neck and trap the boom it the same situation, so it's worth considering.


Posted By: H2
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:39am
I have a Forward WIP Neo ( which I really like. Had a similar wish list to yours and I have not been disappointed.

H2 #115

Posted By: Gordon 1430
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:51am
Rooster do a new slimline one.

Phantom 1430

Posted By: Smight at BBSC
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 9:56am
My crew sails with the spinlock foil and she really likes it. Fits well and is low profile with nothing to catch or snag.
My gul BA is bulky and irritating as the velcro straps don't stay stuck. but I can't bring myself to buy another one as they're bloody expensive! Had a musto BA previously and that was really comfy but fell apart after a few years. 

RS600 988

Posted By: Mozzy
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 10:20am
I have the spinlock wing (from lennon" rel="nofollow - )

I think the side entry is better, as it allows the buoyancy to slightly thinner across the chest as you don't lose an inch of foam to where the zip sits on the foil. 

Spinlock also do one integrated with a rash vest. I prefer the flexibility of just chucking a race bib on over the top. 

Posted By: E.J.
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 11:26am
+1 for the Spinlock wing. Due to the ergonomics of a Contender the fleet compares the thickness of Pfds quite carefully. Anything with a front zip is slight thicker and by less ‘bendy’. The wing is very flexible and the slimmest (at time of measurement) that we could find, it also does not rise up into your face when trapezing.

I love the look of the Spinlock Aero pro, but it’s a tad thicker and quite pricy for something that will get battered by the boom. As said above better to use a cheap rash vest as a sacrificial layer.

Rebel Scum.

Posted By: zeon
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 11:52am
+ 2 for the spinlock foil . It a low profile design and fits really well. 

My only problem is I have put on two stone and I am too fat for mine lol. Am having to wear my old magic marine one while I decide to either lose weight or buy another spinlock foil in a larger size . LOL

PS I think if you like your old front Magic marine pfd you would get on well with the foil .

Posted By: Iain C
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 12:40pm
Thanks guys.  I do like the look of the Spinlock Wing and Mozzy and E.J's case for them looks very reasoned...Contender ergonomics will be similar to the 700 too.  My LJ on the big boat is a Spinlock Deckvest and it's always been very good.  I think the price looks pretty good compared to the Rooster version which does seem pretty steep.

I've seen a couple of those Forward WIPs on cats at my club...funny thing is I thought the "forward" bit was to stop people putting them on the wrong way around...I didn't realise it was the brand name! :-)

RS700 GBR922 "Wirespeed"
Fireball GBR14474 "Eleven Parsecs"
Enterprise GBR21970
Bavaria 32 GBR4755L "Adastra"

Posted By: epicfail
Date Posted: 03 Sep 20 at 12:49pm
This is interesting, I'll have a look at the Spinliock stuff. something with a lack of bulk will help me get under the boom of my Europe.

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