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RS200 sheeting

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Topic: RS200 sheeting
Posted By: ifoxwell
Subject: RS200 sheeting
Date Posted: 31 Aug 20 at 1:36pm
Hi all

Just picked up an old RS200 and I'm wondering if you are allowed to play the main sheet directly off of the boom... and if you are, well there must be a reason people dont do it.

Thoughts please


Posted By: ClubRacer
Date Posted: 31 Aug 20 at 5:15pm
Class rules say its OK but you can only use the strop when gybing. 

I would say probably half the helms play the main off the boom downwind when its light as they either sit across or in the middle. Upwind you're better off using the center sheeting to prevent you oversheeting the boom and getting the leech to sit right. That and on the 200 with the 2:1 at the rear there is no sheet load or friction anyway 

Posted By: Mozzy
Date Posted: 01 Sep 20 at 8:45am
I frequently go off the boom downwind when it's light. As club racer says that seems to be fairly common. 

Upwind when it's very light I sometimes take it off the boom. It allows you to pull the boom up to (or above) the centre line before blocking out at the strops. Taking it off the boom means the last purchase in the system is out to windward rather than down to the thwart. It's a bit like pulling a traveller up to windward. 

It's mostly useful for when you get caught mid race in a dropping breeze with short strops.

The rest of the time I like the consistency of having the sheet coming from one spot in the boat.

Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 01 Sep 20 at 9:39am
Hi Guys. Thanks for the feedback, good to know that I can try it. 
Mozzy, are you the Mozzy with the YouTube channel? If so, great job, really impressed. Hannah and I have been bing watching your 200 films looking for pointers. Thanks


Posted By: Mozzy
Date Posted: 01 Sep 20 at 3:07pm
Yeah, that me Smile

Posted By: ifoxwell
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 10:13am
Well thanks for sharing, we are very impressed. We have only really watched the RS200 films but they are very good. Enjoyed the commentary over the races especially


Posted By: Pierre
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 10:52am
Mozzy, I'd start looking over you shoulder on the water soon by the sound of it. Mr Foxwell and family have their own youtube channel (and jolly good it is too).

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 11:52am
They do indeed, but the channels are complementary, Mozzy doing mostly technique and the Foxwells covering the 'lifestyle' side of things. I enjoy watching both Smile

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"

Posted By: jaydub
Date Posted: 02 Sep 20 at 3:00pm
Interesting.  I've been sailing 200s since late 2003 and always thought you had to take the mainsheet through the final block behind the thwart.  Never seen anybody sail taking the mainsheet off the boom at Northern Tour events either.  You live and learn!

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