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Storage system for a dinghy (Topaz Vibe)

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Topic: Storage system for a dinghy (Topaz Vibe)
Posted By: anibal
Subject: Storage system for a dinghy (Topaz Vibe)
Date Posted: 09 Aug 20 at 12:20am
Hi all,

I'm renovating my garage and would like to put a nice system to keep my Topaz Vibe (12") during the winter. 

I'd like a pulley-like system where I can hang it (I have the room for it). 

I was thinking of using something like this:" rel="nofollow -

Has anybody setup something like this for your dinghy? The Topaz Vibe goes for about 80Kg. I was hoping I could also install an electric motor to hoist it up/down, something like this:" rel="nofollow -

But I don't see how I could combine both of these together. So maybe I'll just go manual. 

If anybody has any other ideas or something already setup I'd love to hear of your experience.



Posted By: KazRob
Date Posted: 09 Aug 20 at 9:07am
Harken do a system which will lift up to around 90kg" rel="nofollow -

OK 2139 & 2148

Posted By: Riv
Date Posted: 09 Aug 20 at 5:53pm
Seems like a lot of money just to lift 80kg. Main issue is the attachment points in the roof. Rest can be done with simple tackle and muscle.

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Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 09 Aug 20 at 6:53pm
My Minisail is in the roof. I screwed in 4 old plastic railroads to the beams where each side of where she'd go, then one front and back. Raised the front up off the trolley, then pulled the back rope round the hull and lifted, then the front again and so on till she was up. Added the front under hull rope and one at the transom, and done. The stern lifting was done by hand under the hull so as not to damage the paint, but not as issue for you. Did that by my self, so with help a Vibe would be easy.

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Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 09 Aug 20 at 8:55pm
Years ago I had a mirror dinghy. Storage in the garage was by inverting the dinghy, using cross beams front & back using screw-in double pulleys above each "corner" in the roof beams.
Each cross beam had a single pulley.
With two people, it was easy to hoist front & back alternately.

It was also easy to "drop" the dinghy onto the roof rack, and remove it.

For a Topper, you could make up a rope loop for bow & stern which reduces the complexity.


Posted By: Wiclif
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 5:42pm
Sorry - please see next post

Posted By: Wiclif
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 5:53pm
Sorry, have run into terminal problems trying to insert a photo, so I will just try and explain.

I have used a trapeze adjustment type system.  The trapeze clamcleat is shackled to a eye plate which is screwed to the roof beam.  Two of these are required - 1 each front and back.

Each rope goes from the lower end of the clamcleat through a pulley (which has a snap shackle attached), and then back up and through the clamcleat.

There is a simple loop of rope from the snap shackle round the hull of the boat and then back to the snap shackle.  

The heaviest boat I have had on this is my K1 to lift it off the trolley when doing work to the keel. This is possible (just) on my own, although I was lifting one end of the boat with one hand and using the other on the rope.

It is very easy to use for lifting a boat off a roof rack.  If lowering the boat to the ground it is prudent to have a restraining rope from the front rope loop to the back rope loop to stop the boat loop sliding off the bow.

Economical system, and has been in use since last century!

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 6:03pm
I used to get an Enterprise up into the roof of my garage but using two scaffolding poles across the width about 9' apart and supports screwed to the brick pillars as 18", 36" and 72" at one end and 18", 54" and 72" at the other. It's not a single handed job but very quick and easy for two, lift the bow onto the 18" support, lift the stern up to 36", the bow up to 54", the stern up to 72" and finally the bow up to 72"' Each lift is easy for one person as but you need a second person to move the scaff poles up a step at a time.

As a bonus the lower position is a good hight for working on the bottom if you turn put it in upside down.

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Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 8:27pm
That's a great method Mr Spoons!

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Posted By: patj
Date Posted: 22 Aug 20 at 5:15pm
We have built a shed with ladder bars along the sides at about 1ft height gaps and the Merlins are simply turned upside down and raised at one end and a length of 4X2 put between the ladder rungs of each side. Then go to the other end and lift that and add a support timber. Repeat the lifting of alternate ends and moving up the timber until the boat is in the roof area. Add a few more timbers and metal braces to secure.
Then the second boat goes underneath in the same way and the third boat goes below that on its trolley. Result is three transoms for Dougal.

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