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Dinghies with keels

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Printed Date: 22 Sep 20 at 6:36pm
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Topic: Dinghies with keels
Posted By: Sheetpuller
Subject: Dinghies with keels
Date Posted: 24 Jul 20 at 7:24pm
Is there a current equivalent boat to the Laser Stratos Keel? There were quite a few 'keeled dinghies' around a few years ago but as a concept they seem to have disappeared?

Following an accident I no longer have a good enough sense of balance to sail most conventional centreboard dinghies and I'm looking for something that'll allow me to continue sailing from a dinghy club. All suggestions gratefully received!

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 24 Jul 20 at 7:50pm
They tend to be heavy like the Stratos Keel (inevitable since they have an extra 60 or 70 kg in the keel). But K1 and K2 spring to mind as does the Flying Fifteen or you could consider a 2.4M if the club can accommodate them (my inland club does and FFs). Or would fitting a steel or ally contemplate to a conventional dinghy work, that would likely be the cheapest option if racing competitively not on the agenda?

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Posted By: A2Z
Date Posted: 24 Jul 20 at 8:09pm
The Topper Xenon is now available with a keel, Xenon K1.  Or something like a Wayfarer is pretty stable even without any lead.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 24 Jul 20 at 8:34pm
Don't know if the Laser Vortex is worth considering in your circumstance? It seems a steady enough platform. I did manage to capsize one when I had a play, but only because I thought I'd try sailing it on one hull on a run!

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 24 Jul 20 at 8:44pm
The RS Venture keel is effectively the updated version of the Stratos keel, by the same designer. Better keel system.

There are sit in keel boats around like theHansa 303 and Liberty which I coach and enjoy sailing but maybe a step too far from dinghies.

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Posted By: cad99uk
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 10:14am
A +1 for the Hansa 303W. It really would be worth giving it a try.

Posted By: Old bloke
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 12:33pm
YW dayboat can be treated like a heavy dinghy if the slipway is not too steep although I would not be behind it winching it up the slope at WOTSC.
If you can use a car , then National 18 or Devon Yawl

Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 3:13pm
A Devon Yawl won't capsize, but I keep mine on a mooring. Getting it in and once or twice a year is enough! I'm not sure that fits the bill for "sailing from a dinghy club"

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Posted By: Old bloke
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 5:51pm
A lot of the Salcombe Yawls dry sail using an ordinary launching trolley, but they do use a car or quad bike to pull them out. Doesn't seem much harder than for an ordinary dinghy

Posted By: Wiclif
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 6:31pm
If the OP sails a MerlinRocket I would suggest the K1 or K2.  
I actually prefer the Stratos Keel and itís keel system to the RS Venture, but spare parts will be more difficult to source.
The draft on the K1 is deeper than the Stratos, and consequently it comes upright more easily despite the lighter keel.  

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 25 Jul 20 at 6:42pm
The K1 is a lot narrower and lighter than a Stratos Keel (1.22m/2m and 105kg/290kg) so is going to be a radically different sailing experience. The K2 has an all up sailing weight if 155kg so it is probably half the all up weight of a Stratos Keel, it's also a fair bit narrower at 1.62m. They are much more performance orientated than the SK

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Posted By: NickM99
Date Posted: 26 Jul 20 at 8:42pm
The K1 seems to be surprisingly competitive across a range of conditions/wind strengths.  The Stratos Keel needs F5 + to sail near its handicap.  Don't know about a K2.

Posted By: Sheetpuller
Date Posted: 01 Aug 20 at 2:21pm
Thanks for all the suggestions, guys; they've given me some good pointers to think about. Somebody also suggested a K6 - another for me to investigate.

I could be quite tempted by a Flying 15. There is one at my club but it doesn't get sailed, and I've a feeling that at least part of the reason is the difficulty of launching and recovery up the slipway (there's no winch). And even a lifting keel will have enough weight to influence that. More cogitation required.

I'm not arguing. I'm explaining why I'm right.

Merlin Rocket 3488 - 'Carrera'.

Posted By: The Moo
Date Posted: 01 Aug 20 at 3:22pm
We help a member pull his K1 up a short but steepish slipway at our Club fairly regularly. No more difficult than say a GP14.

Posted By: andy h
Date Posted: 02 Aug 20 at 9:56am
A long rope and a car helps with a FF.  Alternatively you could buddy up with the other one. Four people should have no problem launching and recovering a FF if the slipway is not stupidly long and steep.  That's what we used to do in Penzance without a winch.  They are lovely boats by the way but way heavier than a K1.

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Posted By: ohFFsake
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 3:05pm
If the trailer is reasonably well sorted and the slipway not steep two people can pull a FF out at a pinch, but 4 makes it easy.

Heavier than a K1 but faster and a bit more going on downwind with three sails. Fleets all over the place and a vibrant open circuit...

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 10 Aug 20 at 9:47pm
We have at my club: K1, flying 15, tempest, k6 and sailability have a Venture with forward facing seats. The K1 is really a single hander though I know one pair who sail one together. K6 is a bit of a handful due to the huge kite, won't capsize but will broach and we've had a couple of expensive carbon mast breakages. Flying 15 looks like a lovely boat,but the tempest sailers say it's a dog ..I think they mean that it rewards vigorous hiking ( tho the FF owners at my club NEVER hike) Tempest needs a 15stone crew on a trapeze or that will broach merrily. Tempest and FF need s very deep slipway due the fixed keels. I reckon the K1 is a good boat for the single older sailor, maybe the venture for two up cruising.

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Posted By: andy h
Date Posted: 11 Aug 20 at 10:06am
The FF is a lovely boat as well as a lovely looking one.  If you sail it properly like a dinghy (i.e. flat) it's a a really rewarding physical challenge in big breeze.  It is a mistake to view it as a retirement fleet for superannuated dinghy sailors!  I really noticed the difference when I tried out an Etchells recently which has much more of a yacht feel to it than the FF.

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National 12 3344, Europe 397 and Mirror 53962 all gone with regret

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