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Simple mainsheet rig

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Topic: Simple mainsheet rig
Posted By: Sapspec8650
Subject: Simple mainsheet rig
Date Posted: 03 Jul 20 at 11:59am
I sail a little Heron (return to youth) & I wondered if there was anyone out there who could help me with some science on the mainsheet routing I have recently adopted. That is: a return to the original concept (or the Oz rig). Two bullseye spaced 2ft apart on the transom, The sheet anchored on one & routed through a 57mm bb block on the boom end, then to another 57mm tie-on block on the other bullseye - I would be interested if anyone can offer some advice on how to centralise the boom when beating without oversheeting & stalling the main? I usually sail upwind with a loose kicker & tight in with the mainsheet --- but is there a happy medium with this rig? Thanks for looking!

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 03 Jul 20 at 12:26pm
I fear you've listed the reasons why that cheap and simple mainsheet setup is commonly replaced by a bridle...

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 03 Jul 20 at 2:24pm
Unless the gap between boom and transom is very small, Firefly style, then putting a bridle on is really the only way to control things. It can be set up very simply and only involves one more fitting on the hull. The bottom block is tied centrally to the bridle, which is most easily done before tying the bridle ends to the boat.

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 03 Jul 20 at 6:35pm
Hard to find current rules for the Heron, but there have been a huge number of changes since I race mine as a youngster (1965-68) including a large genoa, bermudan rig, spinnaker, FRP construction, and I found just one pic where I could see what the mainsheet arrangement was on a modern Heron. A short bridle attached to the two transom eyes (have they not allowed a change to the fixings?) with a block in the centre, a becket block on the boom and the sheet led to a block at the centre of the boom, leading straight to the helms hand skiff style.

The Aussies seem keen on the Heron too but are equally reticent about letting non CA members have access to the rules. They seem to favour a more trad fit out though and still seem to retain the dodgy mainsheet arrangement and gunter rig.

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