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Laser 2 Jib halyard

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Topic: Laser 2 Jib halyard
Posted By: Riv
Subject: Laser 2 Jib halyard
Date Posted: 16 Mar 20 at 5:09pm
Our Club Laser 2 needs a new halyard for the jib, it has the original stainless one with a loop to fit over a rack.

I replaced the main halyard with a Dyneema one which works fine so would like to do the same with the jib halyard.

Plan is;
1) Take the rack off
2) Put two clam cleats in series on the mast to cleat the halyard
3) Use a bobble on the end of the halyard to attach it to the jib

Will two cleats be strong enough and idiot proof enough to take the halyard tension and the pull from the trapeeze?
What dia halyard should I use and what rope?
Should I splice a loop to attach it to the jib head or will the bobble method do?

Thanks, Riv

Mistral Div II prototype board, Original Windsurfer, Alpha 220PR

Posted By: Granite
Date Posted: 19 Mar 20 at 11:34am
Why not splice a loop in the bottom end and keep the rack? At top end you could splice a loop also and keep using the shackle. Using a bobble with a stoper knot would work but there is a risk it could slip out as the dynema is quite slippy. There are some tutorials on the web about splicing soft shackles into the end of dynema which are quite effective.

I would say 4mm should be sufficient

If it doesn't break it's too heavy; if it does it wasn't built right

Posted By: sargesail
Date Posted: 19 Mar 20 at 9:41pm

If only we had had spliceable dyneema for the AUSC boats...

Posted By: Riv
Date Posted: 20 Mar 20 at 4:48pm
Bend radius on dyneema is meant to be about 5 times the diameter, that's why I'm not going to use the rack.
Will 2 clam cleats in series work well enough?

Mistral Div II prototype board, Original Windsurfer, Alpha 220PR

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