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Cashless clubs

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Topic: Cashless clubs
Posted By: piglet
Subject: Cashless clubs
Date Posted: 10 Mar 19 at 6:34pm
I don't mean clubs in financial difficulties, I'm talking cash vs card here.
How many VOLUNTEER run clubs have got card facilities now?
I don't know any but I don't get out much anymore.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 10 Mar 19 at 8:01pm
For subscriptions sure, for the bar and the kitchen, no.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 10 Mar 19 at 9:11pm
My club, BACS, cheques and cash only.

Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 9:34am
We (Midland SC) are just in the process of getting a card reader for galley, bar, and payment for training courses.

We hope that by making it easier to pay your galley tab, the volunteers running the galley won't have to wait until every last racer got changed after the end of the day to get the money sorted.

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Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 12:23pm
Originally posted by Eisvogel

We (Midland SC) are just in the process of getting a card reader for galley, bar, and payment for training courses.
Love to know how that all works out for you.

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 12:24pm
Originally posted by JimC

For subscriptions sure, .

Card or BACS for subs?

Posted By: Gordon 1430
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 4:11pm
lee on Solent sc has a card machine for most uses

Phantom 1430

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 4:17pm
Originally posted by piglet

Originally posted by JimC

For subscriptions sure, .
Card or BACS for subs?

Yeah, we take cards. I don't know the detail, I'm not involved.

Posted By: Peaky
Date Posted: 11 Mar 19 at 4:40pm
Card for galley, cash for bar.

Posted By: fudheid
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 3:58pm
card  for anything at ours, i've been pushing for a members card that gets charged (like HISC's system) members basically buying in advance - very good for getting a healthy bank balance.

Cheers you

only me from over the sea......

Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 4:23pm
The HISC system works really well. In exchange for giving the club money up front, cardholders get discount on food & drink. It means there's no need to take cash into the building, so no risk of theft from changing rooms when most peeps are on the water.

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Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 14 Mar 19 at 9:00pm
HISC is manned by paid staff though.

Posted By: Oli
Date Posted: 15 Mar 19 at 1:02pm
essential to have good database managers for these pre-paid systems, they're great and think that all clubs could benefit from them, but unless they're 100% reliable, completely user friendly for volunteers to operate then they shouldn't be implemented.


Posted By: Jamie600
Date Posted: 25 Mar 19 at 4:15pm
We could really do with a card reader, both the galley and bar are cash only however the bar 'allows' a tab to be started, on the understanding it is settled before leaving for the day.
In reality, the board behind the bar is covered in increasingly older notes along the lines of 'Dave owes 5' which never seems to get paid back

RS600 1001

Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 25 Mar 19 at 7:59pm
I think the UK is behind the times in embracing cashless society, although we are catching up slowly.  Having spent a lot of time in Scandinavia and more recently China - contactless/ card and even mobile phone payments are often more readily accepted than cash in many places.  It shouldn't be that difficult to have a contactless card reader in most sailing clubs for bar and galley payments.

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Posted By: maxibuddah
Date Posted: 26 May 19 at 10:00am
It wouldn't be difficult to have a card reader, it's just the costs that are associated with them that are. I'm not sure exactly what they are now but you must have seen the shops that say minimum spend of 5 to use a card? Down to the cost per transaction

Everything I say is my opinion, honest

Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 26 May 19 at 10:28am
Minimum spends on cards still exist in places, but they are hangers on, and outdated. Costs have come down a lot. I've had a lot of conversations with local traders since we lost our bank about whether they prefer cash or contactless payments. Nearly all favour the latter, even for sub 1 spends. By the time they take into account their time handling cash, paying it in and being charged for paying it in as business, cards are easier and probably cheaper for nearly any transaction. On a debit card the charge is 0.25-0.35%, plus and monthly charges. Size of transaction isn't really an issue, but you clearly need the turnover to cover the standing costs, but these days that's not much. Our club has just set up one to take cards in the bar, and is about to get another for food, and we're not a big club..

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Posted By: maxibuddah
Date Posted: 26 May 19 at 11:55am
thats good news Peter. Our club is too small I fear, we don't even have a bar. I think the majority still pay subs by cheque even though we can do BACS

Everything I say is my opinion, honest

Posted By: IanW
Date Posted: 13 Jun 19 at 11:38am
We have gone to having contactless card reader at Lyme Regis, it now means that my wife can monitor my bar spending.Cry  No minimum transaction.

Posted By: H2
Date Posted: 13 Jun 19 at 1:25pm
Just go to and get the reader for a small most small businesses do??

H2 #115

Posted By: Gordon 1430
Date Posted: 13 Jun 19 at 1:48pm
Hi Ian
Confuse her resort to the old standby, Cash. LOL

Phantom 1430

Posted By: ttc546
Date Posted: 14 Jun 19 at 6:15am
Card Yes for bar and food at my club. Since this change last year, takings for both have gone up. It is a game changer for clubs IMHO. 


Posted By: Paramedic
Date Posted: 14 Jun 19 at 7:14pm
The girl at the till the other day looked most put out when after she confirmed they do take apple payments I gave her a Granny Smith...............

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 14 Jun 19 at 7:57pm
I'll bet you go up to the till in PoundLand and ask "how much is this?" Wink

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Posted By: Hitcher
Date Posted: 15 Jun 19 at 6:25pm
Everything gets put on account and then you get a 20% discount on food. Tab paid monthly in arrears. There is also the option of cash or card.

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