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RS Vareo, RS100

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Printed Date: 16 Sep 19 at 12:00am
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Topic: RS Vareo, RS100
Posted By: tink
Subject: RS Vareo, RS100
Date Posted: 14 Feb 19 at 5:49pm
considering a RS100 or RS Vareo,
The Vareo has the reputation of being poor upwind, the 100 has the same rig design shrouds but no forestay (though obviously the 100 is carbon vs alloy). I have read an old thread on the Vareo and there appears to be people than say the Vareo is ok upwind 

With time have people now go a good upwind technique for the Vareo 
Is the 100 ok upwind 
If so what has changed to make it work 



Posted By: Fatboi
Date Posted: 15 Feb 19 at 1:33pm
They are very different boats. The RS100 is a lot more refined and took the Vareo concept and basically improved it all around. 
The 100 is better upwind, as it is wider and also much more comfortable due to the shape of the side decks. Also downwind it is much more enjoyable and you will get many more smiles. 

The shrouds on both are only there to stop the rig going over the bow in big wind. 

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 15 Feb 19 at 5:57pm
I found with very short legs that the Varro deck layout is more comfortable. But for an average build, I'm sure the 100 works well. It is tons quicker upwind, that's for sure.

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Posted By: weeping angel
Date Posted: 12 Mar 19 at 9:50am
I still think the RS100 is RS's prettiest boat, but in a blow my Vareo is great fun while the club 100s say ashore drinking coffee. (The Vareo isn't much slower upwind than the 100 - they are both dogs but are also both stunning off the wind) A Vareo with a properly supported rig and the mainsheet turret moved forward of the dagger board would be the ideal compromise.  YMMV

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 12:23pm
Not sure about the Vareo, but the biggest issue I found with the RS100 was getting back into it if ever you do go over, particularly difficult in a breeze.

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Posted By: H2
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 4:17pm
Never seen a RS100 out racing but the Vareo's at our club are so slow upwind its almost painful to watch. Perhaps the concept of a singlehander with a spinny works on the sea but on a lake it never seems to pay off as by the time you get the thing up and pulling its time to pull it all down again.

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Posted By: weeping angel
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 4:21pm
Yup - not going to disagree the Vareo was horrible on a pond (Alton Water) The kite never helped enough to do anything about una-rig single handers, but it is great fun on the sea (esp in a blow).

Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 4:40pm
Originally posted by weeping angel

Yup - not going to disagree the Vareo was horrible on a pond (Alton Water) The kite never helped enough to do anything about una-rig single handers, but it is great fun on the sea (esp in a blow).

Surprising that, Alton Water is a pretty big pond.

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 13 Mar 19 at 5:00pm
In our current series the D-One and RS100 are tail end Charlies behind the 400s and 200s. A singlehanded with a kite is never going to match it handicap without some room to breath.

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