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Deck grip

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Topic: Deck grip
Posted By: mozzy
Subject: Deck grip
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 11:15am
Thinking of re-gripping the RS800... what has worked for people before?

Cloths (big square self adhesive sheets) or gel-coat with additives?

What brands have you used from where and how effective were they?

Have you had decks re-done professionally, who did it and how effective was it? 

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Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 12:02pm
You could cover it in jewels.. Snowboard traction wouldn't it look bling? ;-)" rel="nofollow - Jewel Drops

Although more seriously there was somebody on here quite recently talking of the actually supplier of the stuff that pro-grip use in their highly marked up product.

Or you could just wax it and go for the weight saving.

I'm having mine done at the moment pro grip unfortunately, just waiting for costings, they didn't take my jewel drops idea seriously either.

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Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 1:21pm
I got 4" wide see through grip tape off eBay, hasn't lifted for 3 seasons, but if you kneel on it, it will graze your skin or worse damage your dry/wet suit, still feels like it did when I first rolled it on.

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 1:45pm
When applying the tape did you sand back existing gel-coat textured finish? 

With both of us trapping no-one will should ever be sitting down on it, so happy for it to be pretty harsh on skin and suits. 

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Posted By: Jack Sparrow
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 3:12pm
Medical Prosthetic Supplies, EPA Foam -

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Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 4:48pm
Wax looks filthy after a few races. Horrendous to remove afterwRds.

Eva peels off, looks shoddy even before it peels off And I think it soaks up a bit of water.

There are a few Options re gelcoat.
All would require you to mask off and sand back the worn non skid. Clean, prep etc.
You can thicken up oem gelcoat with silica and roller it on with mohair roller leaving anything up to 1970s ceiling artex texture to really rip your gear - itís how d zeros are done (they are not too aggressive) ie not moulded in non skid. You can sand back to taste if itís too aggresive.

I prefer thin gelcoat with Awlgrip griptex mixed in. Rollered on with foam roller. More like sandpaper finish. Less 1970s ceiling.

If super weight conscious you could prep the area down to perfect 400grit, then roll on clear durepox, shake griptex over from a big sugar / salt shaker, then wait for an hour do another coat of durepox.

Griptex is pricey but I have some if you need it.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 12 Nov 18 at 6:24pm
This is similar to stuff I bought

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 13 Nov 18 at 6:20am
Thanks, I think if we do the whole deck in anti-slip we'll need larger rectangles of the material. 4inch wide might be to narrow?

Dan, one of the worries of DIY is we'Ll be using the marine shed at HISC. How temperature sensitive is the gel coat?

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Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 13 Nov 18 at 11:02am
Gel will go off whatever as long as itís not being rained on. You can up the catalyst beyond 2% but I wouldnít advise that as you have less working time on a big job. Since this is not a commercial repair just leave it a day!
That said a fan heater and crude tent will get it off fast.

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 14 Nov 18 at 10:38am

So you sand back existing grip, do you go through to the material below or leave the gel coat (so the deck is still white)? 

Then apply a thin layer of gel coat on top with the AWlgrip Griptex mixed in. 

Is the grip text a dry or wet? Is it basically like a sandy substance you mix through the gel?

Do you use the extra coarse, coarse or fine stuff?  

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Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 14 Nov 18 at 11:44am
Sand back just enough to get it flat and ďkeyed upĒ use a da sander if poss. 120g.
Clean / acetone.
Yes mix the griptex with the catalysed gel. Griptex are plastic granules like fine sand.
Iíd use medium (I have some!) if it was a sitting area Iíd use fine Esp on gel which is thick.
Use a generous amount of gelcoat on roller donít be shy, I think it probably doesnít need thickening thatís all.
Very much Worth practicing on some scrap to get the effect youíre after. How heavily loaded roller is, thickning of gel, proportion of griptex.

Posted By: mozzy
Date Posted: 14 Nov 18 at 2:36pm

I might take you up on the buying some griptex from you, I can't find where to buy it in the UK! 

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Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 14 Nov 18 at 2:52pm
A half litre sized tin is about £50. Itís ridiculous.
For info I did the entire i14 non skid area (dancefloor, foredeck, gunwales) with about a quarter of said Tin. So you donít need loads.

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