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Trailer support enterprise

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Topic: Trailer support enterprise
Posted By: Davvy b
Subject: Trailer support enterprise
Date Posted: 29 Oct 18 at 9:41pm
Hi I want to work inside my enterprise on the front bulkhead am I safe to get in the boat on the trailer. Or should I put it on the deck and prop it up.
Does anyone know the correct position for trailer support on the enterprise mine comes just to the rear of the centre board slot. My combi trailer was bought separate from the boat.This support being 2760mm from the bow bumper. On the internet I have seen a trolley for a enterprise where the measurement was 2400mm this brings the support in line with the vertical supports each side of the centre board box. Is this where my support should be. Sorry if I do not know the correct terminology for parts of the boat.
Thanks for any help.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 29 Oct 18 at 9:46pm
Don't jump up and down and you'll be fine. The Ent is not a super lightweight boat and any 'normal' boat that can't support 70-80kg inside while on the trailer is extremely badly constructed.


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Posted By: Granite
Date Posted: 30 Oct 18 at 1:01pm
I would say it depends on the padding on your trolley. With a good trolley cradle that closely matches the shape of the hull and gives support close to the chines you should be fine. However If it has small supports that only touch the hull in the middle of panels then there is more of a risk of damage.
As for the length of the trolley what is the nose weight like? It should not be uncumfortably heavy to lift, if so move the boat back on the trolly, it does not have to be touching the bow bumper. You could also do this when you are working on it to put the trolley cradle under more of the internal structure of the boat.

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Posted By: Davvy b
Date Posted: 30 Oct 18 at 9:00pm
Thanks for the replies. My support follows the shape of the hull it touches at the chines and keel with a small amount of day light across the panels. The support is fibre glass covered in foam and a rubber strip and about 4 inches wide.
I have read other boats have ideal positon for support while trailering on the road to lessen stress on the structure. As I may be taking the boat some distance sometimes and the state of our roads I am keen to ensure I get this right.
My bow bumper is adjustable and the main support could be moved. The 2400mm measurement brings it in line with the vertical supports which are at 90 degrees each side of the centre board box don't know proper names for these. This looks like the strongest point across the hull. Just wanting to know if I am thinking right.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 30 Oct 18 at 11:09pm
Have a look on class association website, I think there is a safe trailing section

Posted By: Davvy b
Date Posted: 31 Oct 18 at 7:21am
Thanks I have looked but nothing about this subject.

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 31 Oct 18 at 8:33am
Have a look under 'downloads and technical' there is a section about towing.

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