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Too many paint choices.

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Topic: Too many paint choices.
Posted By: E.J.
Subject: Too many paint choices.
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 9:27am
Hi informed boat fetters,

I am going to strip back and refurb all foils.

Q1. For the foils I had been pointed at 2 pac such as international perfection but was warned that it may not handle thx flexing so well and that Toplac would be better but softer. Which is preferable (not the brand but the type), if itís even, my main requirement is that they can be buff to a high gloss with cutting compound and a sander/ polisher, so the winner needs to allow this.

Q2. Whichever the winner, what is the best way of application to reduce paint brush marks? In the past when flatting back the paint and subsequent polishing has removed too much paint in patches and required me to start again. Any tips would help.


Reach For The Pies.

Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 10:06am
durepox has a good balance of being bendy but hard (ie doesnít scratch)
Buy the primer and the clear.
Buy the slow thinners (slow reducer) for brushing.
Roll And tip 3 layers of half and half primer and clear about 10% thinned, flat back to 400grit.
Final glamour coat half and half clearcoat and primer, thinned 40% . Use a good foam roller. And tip off with a high quality brush like red tree or purdy monarch elite. Keep wet edges work fast only working a small area at a time.
If you are lucky and good and dust free that will flow out fine.
If you have runs dust etc, flat back next day.
Leave a couple days somewhere warm to get hardness required for good polish.
Clean your expensive brushes and leave them in the slow thinner.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 10:50am
What are the foils made of? Wood, glass over wood or what?

These days I'm a believer in not stripping foils if the paint is good, but simply sanding right back and refinishing. Saves a lot of work because there is so much less filling to do.

Posted By: E.J.
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 3:42pm
They are wood, I would love to simply sand back and recoat but some idiot (me) has used some dodgy spray paint as a stop gap and this has gone very soft in the heat an so needs to be fully removed.

Reach For The Pies.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 4:20pm
If you decide to use International two pot it will almost certainly lift your spray paint, so in that case it would need to go. I don't know about durepox, but the data sheet I just skimmed suggests the primer is pretty good over other coatings. If it is safe to overcoat then you probably just need to sand back to mainly bare wood.
But I reiterate I don't know for sure.

Posted By: E.J.
Date Posted: 02 Sep 18 at 4:58pm
Thanks thatís really useful.

Reach For The Pies.

Posted By: E.J.
Date Posted: 16 Sep 18 at 10:07am
Hi, Iím back. As I went to purchase paint based on recommendation here I started to read up on the data sheets of the various 2packs you can get from all of these manufacturers. I can see 3 distinct groups( with a brand that insists it the best option)
high build poly acrilyc (Lechler)
2k Epoxy urethane (durapox)
2k Poly urethane (int perfection)

They seem to offer the same thing just at differing cost, with Durapox being the premium, is there an obvious preference for dinghy applications if so what are the differences. Iím willing to pay the cash but want to be sure itís worth it. Thanks in advance.

Reach For The Pies.

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