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Using a jib on a pico

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Topic: Using a jib on a pico
Posted By: tbanting
Subject: Using a jib on a pico
Date Posted: 16 Jul 18 at 5:38pm
Thanks so much for everyone's posts on my tacking in a Pico. I found I needed to shift my centre of gravity much further up towards the mast. That really helped with gentle breeze sailing as well. I had a much more enjoyable sail on Saturday. Trim!

My next question, please! Wink

Jib- on a Pico. Yes, I know, I think I have had bigger hankies in my time; however, I would like to give it a try!

Can anyone give me some pointers please on how to use one please?

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 16 Jul 18 at 7:26pm
Play Jib the same as mainsail, basically pull in tight when beating, ease and play when reaching, remember to release when overpowered, most of my capsizes with a two sail boat have been due to crew not releasing jib, useful for powering onto our leeshore jetty, no good to you though, you can't drop main.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 16 Jul 18 at 11:19pm
And see my posts in your other thread re rudderless sailing Wink 

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Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 24 Jul 18 at 12:48pm
You will notice that the jib luff tension is quite low unless you sheet the mainsail in hard to pull the mast back.
This is fine offwind, but going upwind does need a little care. If you get a gust, normally you ease the mainsheet to reduce the heel. With the Pico jib, as you ease the mainsheet, the jib luff loses tension, the jib sags to leeward creating more heeling effect...

There isn't much you can do the rig, but just be ready to uncleat the jib.
I find it helps a lot to tie the jib sheets together.

Enjoy sailing ( try sailing backwards - gently!)

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 02 Aug 18 at 10:09pm
That jib is too small to do much; more to give a pal something to hold than to drive the boat along.   

Be good if someone would make a "sport" jib that came down to the deck, with the clew nearer the cleat.  Although I think the forestay stops the mast bending properly under kicker / leach tension, unstayed rigs and jibs don't really work that well tbh. Anyway it won't add much speed and won't help your tacking technique, though it might help get you out of irons.

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