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Best Dinghy for racing single hand

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Topic: Best Dinghy for racing single hand
Posted By: EagleEyeEmpire
Subject: Best Dinghy for racing single hand
Date Posted: 01 Jul 18 at 7:22pm

I have been sailing a topper for a while and I have decided to look for something a bit bigger.
I was hoping for something that is fast but fairly simple to sail. Also, in the future I would like to get a crew, so would that mean a new boat or could I get something that could do that in the future. I have been looking at the Topaz lineup as they are flexible for different amounts of people. Any other suggestions

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 01 Jul 18 at 8:50pm
The trouble with boats that are intended to function as both single handers and two handers is that they tend to do neither very well. The Topaz range is really intended as a family knockabout craft, and performs that function adequately, but for various reasons I'm sure plenty will elaborate on you may find it frustrating as a pure racing boat, assuming that's what you are after.

It would probably help focus discussion if you were to tell use how old you are, how heavy you are, and where you intend to sail.

Posted By: EagleEyeEmpire
Date Posted: 01 Jul 18 at 9:40pm
I am 16, weigh about 85kg and I sail mainly in wide rivers/estuaries

Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 02 Jul 18 at 7:57am
What is your budget is more important.

At 85kg you are in the right area for a D-Zero which performs very well on most types of water. However boats start at around 4k+ at the moment.

D-Zero GBR 74

Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 02 Jul 18 at 8:13am
I normally sail an Ent, but occasionally sail single-handedly due to lack of a crew. I bought a Laser (which you can get very cheaply), which is ideal. Easy to set up, right for my size & weight (about 85kg), and there are several other Lasers in our club, so always someone else to compete against. And, plenty of teaching material in the form of blogs, books, and youtube videos.  I think that latter point is quite important if you're still trying to get used to a new class.

And if you're used to a Topper, the rigging etc is virtually the same.

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 02 Jul 18 at 9:05am
TBH Laser is the obvious choice, you can buy one whatever your budget (300-3000 used), there will almost certainly be a few at your club to race against, they are very simple rigs and they are fairly fast.

You are too heavy to be competitive in an Topaz (either one up or two up) and if you want to race I assume you'd like to be in with a chance of keeping up with the fleet. WRT a two hander in future, as JimC says, there is nothing that will do both singlehanded and two up with much success, if it works two up you'll be overpowered most of the time singlehanded and if it's good solo you'll find it underpowered two up.

There are lots of other boats too which may be 'better' than a Laser but, they will probably mean you are the only one at your club, if there is a fleet (are you at Wilsonion? then buy a Blaze) they will usually be newer/more expensive boats.

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Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 02 Jul 18 at 3:42pm
You're 16, learn to windsurf, do a proper sport come back to this when you're old like us.

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Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 03 Jul 18 at 9:14am
Do both and kite surfing, try all sports till you find the ones that fit

Posted By: turnturtle
Date Posted: 03 Jul 18 at 10:04am
Originally posted by 423zero

Do both and kite surfing, try all sports till you find the ones that fit

DO THIS.... to the original poster, I'd recommend a cheap laser and some windsurfing or kite surfing kit.  Learn to use both and develop a good skill base for both disciplines.  

Both streams of the sport have their advantages and disadvantages at various stages of life, so a good skill base in as many watersports as possible will set you up very well for the future and being able to adapt your sailing to other life pressures and goals. 

Forget being a one trick pony... the best watermen might well be masters of one, but they are most certainly jack of all trades too.      

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