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Towing a laser - any tips?

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Topic: Towing a laser - any tips?
Posted By: Sallya48
Subject: Towing a laser - any tips?
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 10:35am
We are about to buy a laser for our son to replace his Topper which is a bit small for him now. 
Can anyone offer any tips on towing the new boat please? The Topper was easy as it is quite flexible and not prone to cracking if the ratchet straps are a bit tight....I understand a laser is not as forgiving!

Also - can anyone tell me how long the cable needs to be on the lightboard to reach the length of the boat? Our current one only just reaches for the Topper so I am guessing it won't be any good for the laser.

Many thanks in advance 

Non sailing, clueless parent

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 10:49am
Hi Sally,
You can get extensions for your lightboard.
Laser only a couple of feet or thereabouts longer than Topper, will you be using same trailer ?
Ratchet straps are difficult to describe, 'how tight' ?, 'just enough', something you gain with experience, probably has tight as belt on a pair of trousers, best I can come up with.

Posted By: Sallya48
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 11:19am
Thank you! That's helpful 

Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 12:30pm
When I bought my last Laser I put it on the roof; though I wouldn't want to do that on a frequent basis. I used straps like these:" rel="nofollow -

I bought the Laser from fellow forum user piglet, who said those kind of straps were good as they would not put too much pressure on; you basically tighten them by hand.

Enterprise 20361 (Eisvogel), Laser 102727 (Halcyon), Laser 121986

Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 12:59pm
If you're loading on a trailer it's worth putting some bits of carpet offcut under the straps over the gunwhales, to help reduce rubbing.

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Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 15 Jun 18 at 9:50pm
As Eisvogel says, good cam straps rather than ratchet straps.
Personally I think roof topping is safer, less to go wrong and much kinder to the boat.
You have to lift it on & off.
If you are trailering a Laser on a gunwale hung buy a sling strap to support the hull.

Posted By: Sallya48
Date Posted: 16 Jun 18 at 7:50am
Thank you everyone - all really helpful stuff.

Posted By: deadrock
Date Posted: 18 Jun 18 at 2:26pm
My two-penny'orth is to avoid ratchet straps - it is too easy to over-tighten them, especially after a hard day on the water and all you want to do is get home. Over-tightening will crack the gelcoat and fibreglass under the gunwhales, and may even rip the glass-fibre. Then you really do have a serious problem.

The straps recommended by Eisvogel and Piglet do the trick for both car-topping and trailing, but it's not a bad idea to introduce a degree of redundancy by doubling up with rope.

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