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Argo vs Quest?

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Printed Date: 23 Jun 18 at 4:39am
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Topic: Argo vs Quest?
Posted By: tomjv
Subject: Argo vs Quest?
Date Posted: 19 Sep 17 at 11:09pm
Here's my question:
What's a better boat for me, the Topaz Argo or RS Quest?

Ok, I know I just said a MOUTHFULL!

Me and my needs:
I want a boat for my lake house <15' so I can store it in-doors.
I'm 56 (&wife) and we will sail 75% of the time together, 25% me alone.
I'm a brand new sailor. Bought a Zuma and LOVE it, but it's too small for my old knees and back LOL. I can "do it", but I can't tolerate the cramped conditions for long.
We will never race, but we want something with some zip and somewhat stable. (really? ahahaha) I liked the Bahia until I saw video of it running with spinnaker and it looked like a cow!

We will sail on lakes only(decent size, say 6000 acres)up in Maine.
We're gonna trailer and ramp launch.

I definitely want a jib and spinnaker, but don't care about a trap.
I don't want a motor or oars.
A small dry storage area would be cool.

I've narrowed my search down to these two boats largely due to size and function. I'm going to RI next week to demo the RS. It looks like a fine boat, but I'm stuck on the Argo for some reason. I like that huge AL thwart for one thing. The boom looks more sturdy for another. It's also 50# lighter than the Quest.

Does anyone actually OWN these boats?
Where do they blog?



Posted By: Daniel Holman
Date Posted: 21 Sep 17 at 6:33pm
Hi Tom.
If you're going to Zim in Rhode Island you should also check out the Hartley 15. May just about fit inside your boat house!!

Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 21 Sep 17 at 8:36pm
6000 acres, that's 2 times the size of Windermere, the largest fresh water lake in England. No idea about either boat, but I'm jealous of your sailing area

RS300, ex Musto Skiff

Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 21 Sep 17 at 11:21pm
Funny how things work out sometimes ... I was at sis's house in Westport CT yesterday installing a shelf. I got done early and thought, I'll go talk to the RS guy the next town up I95. I did a quick google search and wound up at Westport town dock instead. They have a fleet of ~16 Hunter 140s that are about 10yo and they will be SELLING!    
I arrived and found the staff buttoning up the marina for the winter. I couldn't sail, but I had an opportunity to check out that boat. Very nice boat. Certainly, it would be fine to leave at the camp in Maine. Still, it's for ME and I'd like something NEW, COOL and NICE.
The Hunter is a big tub LOL. One of the staff guys spoke to me for 20 min. He related that they're rented ALL day, ALL summer and they are basically bullet proof. They weigh a ton, I think. The cockpit is spacious, but not especially deep. He also said, PARTS are a problem and that's why they're turning them over. Keep in mind it's We$tport.
It's a small world! Turns out they're dealing with the same guy I am with the RS and they're gonna buy like 32 boats from him, and GUESS what boat? . . . RS Quest. I called him and gave him a "heads up" thinking maybe they'd like to go to RI next week. He was happy, but had it covered.
That's all for now. I'm psyched for RI. Hopefully the next storm after Jose doesn't screw things up.


Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 21 Sep 17 at 11:32pm
Rangeley Lakes, Maine
We stay on Dodge Pond. It's "only" 215 acres LOL. It's a nice sailing lake, but the wind fluctuates with the mountains etc. It's great for my Zuma.

The surrounding lakes are:
Rangeley Lake
Mooselookmeguntic (yes, really!) Lake (10min)
Cupsuptic Lake (10min)
Flagstaff Lake (20min)
Upper Richardson Lake (20min)
Lower Richardson Lake (ditto, via upper RL)
Aziscohos Lake (20 min)
Web Lake (45 min)

These lakes are all close by, all HUGE. Don't get too jealous though, they can get really windy/wavy really FAST! I've been out in my 18' deep V powerboat almost swamped! On the right day, at the right time though, things are wonderful ; )



Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 22 Sep 17 at 1:07pm
Originally posted by tomjv

they can get really windy/wavy really FAST! 


Even more jealous now LOL

RS300, ex Musto Skiff

Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 15 Nov 17 at 4:08pm
Ha! I pulled the trigger on a 2017 Argo Sport!

Got it from EastCoastSailboats, Hardy Peters, should be delivered this weekend. Too bad it's FREEZIN' OUT up here. LOL
Got a decent black Friday deal.



Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 15 Nov 17 at 4:30pm
If anyone cares, WHY I went Argo over Quest.
A few reasons. Admittedly, I never sailed it, so I'm taking a chance. I sailed the Quest though, and it seemed fine. It struck me as a bit slow in the water.

First, I narrowed my search to these two boats for a couple of reasons. I needed something less than 15' for storage reasons.
I wanted something sporty. I wanted new or nearly so.   I wanted something either 1 or two handed. I wanted the spinnaker.

1. Construction - I don't like the idea of the Quest's optional $6XX foredeck. The Argo foredeck is an integral part of the hull, most likely making it both lighter and stronger. I liked the look of the Argo thwart better too.
The Argo hull is 50# lighter than Quest(without the 30# optional foredeck!)
The Argo has greater sail area than Quest.

2. Style - I just liked the look of the Argo from day one.   I couldn't get myself to warm up to the Quest. The green is awful.

3. Awards - The Argo is recognized by Sailing world as 2015 dinghy of the year. "I got that going for me . . ."

4.Advice - I spoke to one person who sailed both, back-to-back first in light winds, then in moderate winds. Hands down she preferred the Argo citing its stability as superior to the Quest.

5. Price - Both boats came in remarkably close in price. The Quest was cheaper, but once I added the spinnaker and foredeck they balanced out. In fact, the Argo was actually a couple hundred cheaper which paid for half the shipping to my door.


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 15 Nov 17 at 6:10pm
Having sailed the Argo recently and enjoyed it, I think you'll have fun. Congratulations!

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Topper 44496, Minisail 3131, Minisail 3446

Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 16 Nov 17 at 2:42pm
Thanks! I'm pretty psyched.


Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 08 Feb 18 at 10:02pm
I've used the Topper Argo (I'm assuming same dinghy as in UK) for teaching RYA levels 1 to 3.
Stable dinghy with main & jib, but interesting with the big genniker.
You might want to invest in a reduced area mainsail, instead if reefing.

We had a problem with the floor in one of the boats - later versions have foam blocks between the hull & floor to prevent the floor from flexing and cracking. Remember that these were used for teaching, and had a harder life than most dinghies!

Enjoy tge experience,


Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 09 Feb 18 at 8:57am
We will sail on lakes only(decent size, say 6000 acres)up in Maine. 

Reminds me of a day trip I did decades ago on Moosehead Lake, which was fantastic. In a outboard powered dinghy sadly, but the lake seemed to go on forever, endless forests and hardly any sign of human life, and endless islands - Swallows and Amazons territory on steroids. Fab.

Ex Cont 707
Laser 189635
DY 59

Posted By: Sours
Date Posted: 23 Feb 18 at 11:16am
Sounds like heaven to me. Too bad it's so far away from where I am at the moment. I have an Argo btw and I love it.

Posted By: tomjv
Date Posted: 24 Feb 18 at 3:11pm
That's great news! I thought I'd take this opportunity to plug my facebook page. I started an Argo Owners page. I couldn't find anything similar, so I'm hopeful some folks find it. As of now, nobody's found me . . .   ; (
This should be a link:

There's no ads or strings attached. I just would like to hook up with some owners as I'm all alone with this boat and I'm sure I'll have Qs this spring.



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