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Rule 19 question

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Topic: Rule 19 question
Posted By: NickM99
Subject: Rule 19 question
Date Posted: 09 Sep 17 at 4:00pm
This incident was on the start line at an Open Meeting. Wind from the SW; slight tide running E to W. RO has unusually set start line running EW so in line with the tide, presumably to reduce risk of tide carrying early starters over the line. Thus the Committee Boat (a 20 foot yacht) is at the clearly favoured end of the line.

As the fleet lines up seconds before the gun, L is on the front row, nearest to the Committee Boat. W is immediately on his stern. inevitably the front row are slightly early and start bearing away, including L. This enables W to slip into the space next to the Committee Boat, overlapping L to windward. All are depowered as much as possible and well off close hauled.

As the gun goes, L hardens up and pushes W into the Committee boat.

At the moment the overlap began there was ample room for W to pass between L and the Committee Boat as L was almost stopped and bearing away. (19.2.c) W has an inside overlap. To all intents and purposes the large Committee Boat is a substantial obstruction for small, almost immobile dinghies. So does Rule 19 or 18.2.b apply at this point?

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 09 Sep 17 at 6:55pm
Section C rules do not apply at a starting mark surrounded by
navigable water or at its anchor line from the time boats are
approaching them to start until they have passed them.

So neither apply.

Posted By: NickM99
Date Posted: 09 Sep 17 at 7:21pm
Good point Jim, missed that.

So if section C does not apply, then Rule 11 presumably does. However in this case W cannot keep clear of L as the Committee Boat is in the way. So has L failed to observe 16.1 and give W the opportunity to keep clear which would have required him not to harden up until W had cleared the committee boat and mooring line?

Posted By: Brass
Date Posted: 10 Sep 17 at 12:49am
Originally posted by NickM99

 L hardens up and pushes W into the Committee boat.

L, a right of way boat changing course does not give W room to keep clear.  L breaks rule 16.1.

Room includes the space a boat needs ... manoeuvering in a seamanlike way (Defniitions:  Room).  It is not seamanlike to hit things.

Posted By: sargesail
Date Posted: 10 Sep 17 at 8:23am
Presumably though if there were an option (ie the overlap was small enough) for W to slow and bear away behind L then she must take it?

Posted By: Brass
Date Posted: 10 Sep 17 at 9:30am
Originally posted by sargesail

Presumably though if there were an option (ie the overlap was small enough) for W to slow and bear away behind L then she must take it?
I don't think so.

Initially, as L begins to luff, W is required to keep clear, it is reasonable for to do this by, herself luffing, she is not required to anticipate that L will keep luffing and break rule 16.1 (" rel="nofollow - Case 27 ).

Bear in mind that as L comes up, the overlap will increase and any 'window' that W had to bear away behind L will close very rapidly.

Might depend on exact facts found.

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