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What's next for me?

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Topic: What's next for me?
Posted By: Ocashell
Subject: What's next for me?
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 7:29am
I am a member of southwold sc which has a fleet of 6 picos, 3 laser 2000s and a 420. My family of 4 have been sailing for two years. We already own a leader, which I crew in for my dad. I feel that I have grown out of the picos though and would like something faster and more thrilling. Some of the members of my club own lasers and the club are looking to get a couple but being young and only 40 ish kg, they are two much for me, we (my family) are looking into getting a topper for whoever wants to sail single handed at any time. Our leader though, is only big enough for me, my dad and occasionally my sister. My mum does not fit in. We were thinking about putting a topper on top of the car and the leader being towed, would that be possible. Anyway I would like to hear what you think.


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 7:35am
Its certainly more than possible to have one boat on the roof and one on a trailer. Seems like a reasonable option in the circumstances. Back in the day expeditions to events on the continent might see two boats on a trailer and another on the roof of what would now be considered very small cars.

But you need to be aware that many cars these days have what seem to me ridiculously low weight limits for the roof rack. If you exceed those limits you may get insurance company problems. If this did turn out to be a problem another possibility might be to put both boats on the trailer and all the spars on the roof rack.

Posted By: Ocashell
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 7:51am
Thanks, what do you recommend for me to proggress into from the picos, I don't think a topper is much faster.

Posted By: zeon
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 8:11am
A splash would be perfect for you and you are in the right part of the world to pick up a second hand one. Also as you get bigger you could get the bigger flash rig for it. 
Failing that, its the normal suspects for lighter sailors, lightning 368, byte, streaker, comet etc 

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 8:23am
If you want to travel and get into the serious racing side the Topper is a good choice because there is so much coaching and competition available. I like it better than the Laser 4.7, which to my mind is a tiny rig on a great big boat. If that isn't your enthusiasm, and there's no reason why it should be then the choice is rather wider.

There's a lot to be said for just getting a ride in as many different types of boats as you can and seeing what appeals to you. After all you want a boat you like, not the boat the most convincing dodgy used care salesman on the forum likes!

Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 9:03am
My daughters (14 and 16)  have done a lot of sailing in our club Toppers, and earlier this year we bought a Laser. They really like the Laser, and despite being relatively lightweight, mostly sail with the full rig (we also have got a 4.7 rig) unless the wind is really strong.

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Posted By: Ocashell
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 4:44pm
Ok, my friend has a topper, I'll have to try it out. As for the 4.7, It is apparently a bit faster. Would it mean I could progress onto the bigger sail as I get older?Smile

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 4:52pm
Originally posted by Ocashell

Ok, my friend has a topper, I'll have to try it out. As for the 4.7, It is apparently a bit faster. Would it mean I could progress onto the bigger sail as I get older?[/IMG]

Well the 4.7 is a bigger heavier longer boat. Without getting into the science being longer means it goes marginally faster, but because its bigger and heavier it can't react so quickly so doesn't necessarily feel faster, and you're not really going to learn anything sailing one you wouldn't learn sailing the other. techniques are much the same.

Yeah, you could get the bigger sail as you get older, but so what? Its easy enough to sell a Topper and buy a Laser. When you get older, who knows - you might want to sail two handers, you might want to play rock and roll and not go sailing, so best to get the thing that seems right for you now and let a year or two's time worry about itself.

Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 4:55pm
Yes -- the 4.7, radial, and full rig are only different in the bottom mast part (more bend in the smaller rigs) and the sail. Everything else is the same.

Enterprise 20361 (Eisvogel), Laser 102727 (Halcyon), Laser 121986 (C U Laser)

Posted By: Do Different
Date Posted: 24 Aug 17 at 7:36pm
It is only natural to focus on the boats and progressing; we all do it.
BUT Southwold is a fantastic venue with constantly varying conditions both up river, in the harbour mouth and out at sea. Don't get too hung up on what you are sailing, whatever is under you you will learn as much from time spent on those waters as any boat will teach you. Two of the instructors there I know of are very experienced sailors so you should be able to get excellent home guidance. 

Posted By: Ocashell
Date Posted: 25 Aug 17 at 6:26am
Thanks guys, I'll think about it.

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 25 Aug 17 at 6:50pm
Is this not a clear case for the class that dare not speak it's name? Where's tick?

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Posted By: Tynesider
Date Posted: 25 Aug 17 at 8:46pm
Bet you have not thought of a Hartley 12, I tried many boats and nearly went for a Topper Topaz but its way outclassed by the Hartley 12 which is wider and very forgiving and very much a wolf in sheeps clothing.

The Hartley 12 sails very well with just the main up but a jib sail can be also added, then with more experience you can add the Asymmetric spinnaker 

They are classed for 3 but I thinks that's wishful thinking but two is fine, but best as I do sail it single handed
Good luck 

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