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Salt corroded zipper on bag

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Topic: Salt corroded zipper on bag
Posted By: dkr1
Subject: Salt corroded zipper on bag
Date Posted: 08 Mar 17 at 8:21am
New season and I find that the zipper on my sailng bag has corroded shut. 

Anyone got any suggestions as to how best to free it. 

Posted By: Brass
Date Posted: 08 Mar 17 at 9:12am
Soak the zip slider and nearby teeth in boiling water, spray with lube, repeat hot water rinse, then try to move it with pliers.

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 10 Mar 17 at 9:33pm
Coke (Registered trade mark) very good at this.
Shudder to think what it does to upper intestinal tract.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 10 Mar 17 at 9:59pm
Coca Cola includes phosphoric acid, which is also used as a rust remover. Any other rust remover should do as well. Of course that presupposes its a steel zip, not aluminium or plastic.

Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid which is rather more potent than phosphoric, so the effect of the phosphoric acid on your stomach and intestine linings is probably not one of the greater health risks from the stuff.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 10 Mar 17 at 10:14pm
Logic from the above posts suggests that throwing up on your zip should be more effective give than coke. I'll leave that for you to try.

I was going to suggest vinegar.

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Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 10 Mar 17 at 10:47pm
almost got the ingredients for a teens picnic, just need chips and crisps, oh and don't forget ciderLOL

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 11 Mar 17 at 8:53am
Lemon juice or Cillit bang for aluminium oxide,
According to internet wisdom.

Posted By: dkr1
Date Posted: 13 Mar 17 at 11:31am
Thanks - am about to attack the zips this evening.  Its a black bag so coke looks like a possible option.

Posted By: Black no sugar
Date Posted: 14 Mar 17 at 2:36pm
I have had the same problem on various bags and I have soaked it in MucOff, rinsed and used WD to loosen it.

Even clips on my sea kayak seats were brought back to life thanks to MucOff! 

------------- - Lancing SC

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