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Pico launching trolley

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Topic: Pico launching trolley
Posted By: Michaelj
Subject: Pico launching trolley
Date Posted: 27 Jan 17 at 10:44am
Hi All
I've been sailing for a bit and, in an attempt to encourage him, last year got hold of a secondhand Pico for my 11 year old son to 'play' with. It came with a Hayling Trailers launching trolley but it isn't a 'gunwale hung' type and hence the hull has become slightly deformed. I have a Hayling Trailers trailer base for the trolley. I'm now looking for a 'gunwale hung' trolley and have seen a Hayling Trailers one on eBay for a Laser. Noting that the Pico is slightly shorter than a Laser but slightly wider, will the Pico fit on this trolley? (I'm guessing that with a 'gunwale hung' trolley there isn't much leeway. Also, the eBay trolley isn't very local to me hence I want to avoid an unnecessary trip).
Thanks in advance, Michael.

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 27 Jan 17 at 9:28pm
The Pico is a good bit wider than a Laser and will not fit on a Laser gunwale hung.
The hull dents should reduce if you get a different trolley.
Incidentally, I was involved with a small fleet of youth training Picos stored long term on gunwale hungs. Possibly exacerbated by poor storage and the hulls laying with weight of water, the hulls appeared to have deformed downwards and the dagger boards became impossibly tight in the slots. Just an observation.

Posted By: Michaelj
Date Posted: 27 Jan 17 at 10:46pm
Thanks. Looks like I have to wait for a Pico Hayling Trailers trolley to come up for sale.

Posted By: Michaelj
Date Posted: 04 Feb 17 at 10:04pm
Hi again
Having found the dimensions of a laser launching trolley on the web and discovered that my Pico would fit, I ventured north to measure the Hayling Trailers trolley and found, while longer than the web trolley, the distance between the gunwhale supports was the same so I bought it. The Pico fits fine with the gunwhale supports just aft of the sheet cleats as I've seen in Pico/launching trolley pics on the web. It doesn't quite reach the stem bracket but I don't think that matters providing I strap the boat securely when on the road to stop it riding forward. Thought I'd add this update in case others were wondering the same. The distance between the gunwhale supports is 1335mm. Maybe Hayling Trailers only sold a combined Laser/Pico trolley?

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 10 Feb 17 at 6:52pm
Well done on sorting that out Michael and apologies if I gave you duff info. The Pico is wider but I guess it depends where the supports are for/aft as the boats have quite different lines.
I measured, designed and had made a double stacker for Toppers & Lasers, then we tried to put a Pico in but it wedged, it only needed another half an inch!
Good luck with the Pico anyway, I think they are under rated.

Posted By: Michaelj
Date Posted: 10 Feb 17 at 8:34pm
I don't think your info was 'duff ' info. The Pico is definitely wider than a laser, but, as you comment, it depends where the gunwhale supports sit. I was lucky in that I found the dimensions of a Laser trolley on Trident's web site and was hence able to get an idea whether it would fit before going up north to look at the one on eBay. My son seems happy with his Pico (he's 11) and the boat, while not fast, is great for him - easy to right after a capsize, etc. Plus, being plastic, it doesn't matter too much if he 'sails it up the beach'. What I hadn't appreciated prior to getting the boat is just how heavy it is (20% heavier than a Laser - 45% heavier than my old Streaker)! 
Thanks again for your post, Michael.

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 13 Feb 17 at 6:58am
Just a couple of ghoughts on the Pico.
The Sailing School uses them and we have wire lanyards (plastic covered) spliced to the rudder and the toestrap anvhor. The rudder cannot drop off and be lost!
Similarly, always ensure that there is an elastic retaining line for the daggerboard. These can drop out in the vevent of a capsize.
Enjoy sailing


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