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Round the Island (Sheppy) race

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Topic: Round the Island (Sheppy) race
Posted By: ifoxwell
Subject: Round the Island (Sheppy) race
Date Posted: 01 Sep 16 at 10:01am
So its been a few years (5 I think) since I last went, but I might be able to get along this year.

So has much changed?

Registration, parking, launching etc, is this all the same?

I take it the course hasn't changed although am I right in thinking that you can go under either side of the bridge now?




Posted By: transient
Date Posted: 01 Sep 16 at 3:58pm
it's a couple of years since we last went. The only thing that's changed as far as I know is the bridge, yes you can go under either side although the preferred side is still the mainland side. I don't think there is any help to be had the other side. I think they used to turn a blind eye to anyone going through an open bridge, now  DSQ for that short cut.

 Best time for us over the years was 3 hrs 17 corrected, which I thought was entirely reasonable for a Laser 2. 

Posted By: Cirrus
Date Posted: 02 Sep 16 at 10:28am
The Sheppey race is one for the 'bucket list' - that has to be done at least once.  A true marathon so maybe not to the tastes of people if they only like '40 minute can racing'.  Don't be OCS whatever you do as it could be 4-6 hours later when you realise as that gained metre or so 'really was not worth it' and do pace yourself otherwise the second half could be a bit of a grind... and on the subject don't forget to take a decent amount of liquid with you.  You can get a 10+ mile reach .. or run .. or beat  - so best not to overdo it physically !    

You get a certificate just for completing the course .... and once you have done it you know why.  Always a challenge and usually a fantastic (alternative) and enjoyable days sailing as well.

As for the bridge - the mainland shore is the side to head for - there are 'helpers' there anywhere else is either subject to disqualification or virtually impossible with tide against you.  CU there then !?

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 02 Sep 16 at 8:12pm
Can't say i've ever had a certificate and done it three times now, it is a bit of a mission, don't enter in a fixed daggerboard boat you'll surely die, find a Bandit like a Blaze, or put a small sail on a Blaze and tell them your handicap is 1071 if you really want to steal the chocolates.

Don't do it in just a rashie and shorts, don't bugger about at the Bridge get through as quickly as you can, watch the line of the river up through the moorings lots of folk over stand, watch the tide and stay in the rough bits if its still in full flood. Try not to laugh at B14 washerwomen when they pitch pole after ignoring the obvious shallows.

Don't do it in a single hander it's much much more fun with someone to chat to over the three hours or so it can take.

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Posted By: Cirrus
Date Posted: 03 Sep 16 at 11:19pm
Don't do it in a single hander it's much much more fun with someone to chat to over the three hours or so it can take.

On the other hand you have to find someone who is prepared to listen to that old scratched record of yours for three plus hours Mr F..... and it might seem a lot longer for them  if you know what I mean   Wacko     

PS - Thinking about it I don't think you have ever owned a bandit either - or have you ? 

Posted By: transient
Date Posted: 04 Sep 16 at 8:50am
Having not raced much this year I thought it was hard work beating up the Swale, also getting older. One or two very untidy moments for us. There were several places where there was the promise of a bear away only to find it hardened up again. It paid to put a little bit of windward in the bag. It was a quick circumnavigation this year, 3hrs 21 corrected for us. No new records set except for the nutter (said with admiration) on the paddle board who did it in 6 hrs something if memory serves, seriously well done to him.Clap

Mr Cirrus won the fastest single hander trophy. We got the Medium fleet trophy. Sorry can't remember any others.

Posted By: Cirrus
Date Posted: 04 Sep 16 at 9:31am
It was a bit of a 'Dart/Cat Fest' year as it often is there... and extremely gruelling up the Swale for most as well.   I think it was a bit over the forecast for part of the day.   Most will feel a lot older still this morning ...

Followed an Osprey for a while and thought if he could go over one of the larger mud areas mid-swale then so could I .... No  he slammed into the sticky stuff and I did not manage to release the downhaul on the rudder in time - result split rudder as the rope pulled through  the foil and a struggle to keep it fully down therafter as the speeds achievable were 'top end' to say the least for the next hour.   If I'd had a dagger and/or cassette rudder it would have been 'game over' for certain and possibly a badly damaged hull so things could have been worse.  

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