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Topic: Toppers
Posted By: Riv
Subject: Toppers
Date Posted: 27 Jun 16 at 7:27pm
I have inherited the club fleet of Toppers.

Some info/advice needed.

1) Does the topper have a plug in the mast heel ?

2) Most of  ours have a the stainless strap for the kicker mounting rivetted to the mast, as we sail on salty water the corrosion is bad,  holes have opened up, re rivetting is going to be difficult. Any solutions?

Posted By: ClubRacer
Date Posted: 27 Jun 16 at 9:38pm
get the new webbed kicker strap which rivets from the top and wraps around boom, 1000x better than the old metal tang
if you're really tight on money then drill bigger use bigger rivets 

the mast its self is open at the bottom, if you mean the hull it has a cup inside the step to prevent the mast going through the bottom of the boat

Posted By: gordon1277
Date Posted: 28 Jun 16 at 8:15am
I would have a chat with sailing solutions Emsworth as they know everything about Toppers.
I started upgrading our club Toppers as they were all well over 20 years old and had loads of issues especially with the bottom mast section caused by the kicker and other bits pulling out.
With the webbing try sewing the strap together before fixing to the mast this may help keep it together. Or ask a local sail maker to do it.
Good luck it is a ongoing task if there anythingblike ours.
Also try getting local sponsors to come up with 1k and upgrade your boats and sell theold ones cheap within the club.


Posted By: Riv
Date Posted: 28 Jun 16 at 5:51pm
Thanks, I was suprised there was no mast heel plug, as Lasers have them so I thought all ours had worn away and fallen off...

I'll make up a load of webbing straps.

I find it amusing that Topper supply SS rivets with their mast parts. I suppose that keeps them in a job:)

I think that correcting poor installation of SS fittings and SS rivets to aluminium spars has so far cost me more time with other club boats than any other task. I looked at the Club Picos last night. all the SS kicking strap fittings on the masts have really corroded the spars. They will all have to come off and be replaced with webbing.

Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 28 Jun 16 at 9:47pm
Originally posted by gordon1277

I would have a chat with sailing solutions Emsworth as they know everything about Toppers.

Sailing Solutions sold out to Rooster last year. Rooster now carry the bits but some of the wealth of knowledge has gone from the website.
As above with the webbing straps but don't buy the Topper black/red ones, get the thicker white ones from now Rooster.
Have a good look at the cups in the hulls, once they break up the mast drills into the hull moulding and the hull is quickly beyond repair.
If you have masts with badly worn heels hacksaw 1/2" off the bottom, just lowers the boom 1/2", no one will notice.
I used to protect the mast heels by heat shrinking Pepsi (leaded) bottles on with a smear of contact adhesive, only lasts a few months though.

Posted By: Riv
Date Posted: 29 Jun 16 at 6:15pm
Good idea about sawing half inch off, I've got a couple that are like circular knife blades.

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