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Gybing Technique

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Topic: Gybing Technique
Posted By: Oatsandbeans
Subject: Gybing Technique
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 8:16pm
Gybing, as we all know is one of the trickiest things to master., get it right consistantly, and you are suddenly a heavy weatehr expert, get it wrong, - well we all know what that is like. But it is interesting to talk to good sailors that appear to have it cracked, and they all have their own magic answer to how to do it, subtle swing of the hips, flick of the wrist, whatever they will swear by it,. I have for exmple had some swear by letting the main out an armful going into the gybe, whilst others say keep the main sheeted in ( OK they were both sailing different boats but anyway) Well what do you all think?What is the holy grail when it comes to gybing in 25 knots +? We all want to know -and quickly!

Posted By: jaydub
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 8:47pm
Max speed, keep hold of the gybing strop as the main goes over and a minimal S to stop the boat screwing around.  The windier it is the more dead down wind I try and bring it out the gybe.  Better to survive and take a few seconds heat it up than to go for it gung ho and wipe out.

Works for me, but I wouldn't call myself an expert. Confused

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:04pm
Leave enough board to stand on.

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Posted By: Riv
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:15pm
My gybing got a lot better after I started sailing a board.

Suddenly the Laser wasn't something I sat down on but something that could be thrown around played with. It's a change of perspective which can be useful at times.

Posted By: Do Different
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:31pm
Makes sense. Confidence is key, dithering is doom. Some days I'm one and some days I'm t'other.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:34pm
I've turned into a ditherer as I've got older, sadly.

Firefly 2324, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446 Mirror 70686

Posted By: davidyacht
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:35pm
In the Solo, a strong hold of the tiller, to ensure that you come out of the gybe pointing downhill, some backward sweep on the plate to give some directional stability, don't be over kickered, gybe at maximum speed ... Don't slow down in the gybe.  Reach for reach gybes may offer a better chance of survival, particularly if you ease the kicker a bit.  Leave plenty of room at the gybe mark so you are not forced into the gybe while trying to negotiate capsized boats.

Happily living in the past

Posted By: 423zero
Date Posted: 23 May 16 at 9:44pm
Minisprint gybes like it's on rails, any wind speed.
Enterprise gybes ok.
Aquabat will try to pitchpole in any decent wind, never found a successful method.
None of other boats I have sailed over the years have come close to Minisprint.
I could not give you a method for how I prepare for the gybe though, I just go for it, if their is room I will go past mark and tack (if very windy).

Posted By: iiiiticki
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 12:29am
I always think the danger point is as you start to turn into the gybe and are sailing by the lee, a slight wind shift....After the gybe you can let it go all floppy then collect it up later. Provided you have retained the top of your skull that is. We used to love gybing the Tasar, nice short boom whacks across and a good tug on the jib picks up the power.

Posted By: fleaberto
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 11:54am
Go fast. Grab falls. Close eyes. Feel for water on face.
No water? - excellent, well done!

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Posted By: Ardea
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 12:21pm
In double handers in survival weather have the crew attempt to hold the boom in the centre of the boat as it comes over for a fraction of a second.  This stalls the momentum of the boom as it comes across and  might set the sail on the new side.  It seems to break up the rhythm of several things which can all load up at once and cause the big unsettling lurch which usually is the start of the broach or capsize.

I've never had to do it in a single hander, just try to keep speed up and the boom out of the water.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 12:55pm
Seems like an odd thing to do... In a two hander as forward hand I've always thrown the boom across as soon as it was physically possible so that it goes early, maybe even before the boat reached DDW. That minimises the slam as the sail goes across and means the boat is still going as fast as possible which minimises the point loads even more.

Posted By: PeterG
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 2:35pm
 In a two hander as forward hand I've always thrown the boom across as soon as it was physically possible so that it goes early, maybe even before the boat reached DDW

I'd agree, getting the boom over late is one of the surest ways to end in the water. The earlier you can get it over the better

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Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 2:45pm
I hate that. The boom won't come, then bang, over it goes, and over the boat goes. I can see some logic to a nanosecond of stopping, or at least controlling it, in the middle, though, but the timing would have to be amazing, so there is no pressure on either side of the sail. Bit like stopping when going DDW in follow my leader.

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Posted By: jaydub
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 3:53pm
In Ents with aft mainsheets, you had to wait until the leach started to twitch before getting crew to yank the boom.  I used to hate run to run gybes when it was really windy.

The 200 can be twitchy, but it's a much easier to gybe than the Ent ever was.  No idea how centre mains in Ents has affected things.

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 4:38pm
Never involve the chinese.. who come the moment you inadvertently let go the mainsheet in the EPS.

I have no problem double handed, I don't have a big problem with the Solution, but the bloody EPS can be a total bitch and I have yet to find a cast iron system for really windy, other than don't bother going out in waves, what with the racks digging in and the rig chinese gybing me in to weather, it is the boat I swim from most often.

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Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 4:47pm
The term Chinese gybe is an odd one. In the olden, pre-kicker days, it meant that the boom skied, letting the top of the sail gybe before the bottom had. In the Volvo race they were using it for a gybe where the boat gets pinned on its side, which I'm sure is something else.

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Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 24 May 16 at 10:38pm
In a hiking singlehander in a big breeze, try oversheeting considerably pre-gybe. You should still have enough power to keep the boat moving quickly. As you start the gybe pull the falls across and as the boom then comes across let the mainsheet run out.

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Posted By: Ardea
Date Posted: 25 May 16 at 8:30am
This technique works well in ents, fireflies etc, something where you will struggle to get the boat fast enough to unload the main. As a crew you just give a heave back the way it came as the boom passes the centreline and starts to load up. There's really not to much of a knack to it. Probably wouldn't recommend this on more modern lightweight boats, but in reluctant planers with heavy booms it can really help calm gybes.

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 25 May 16 at 11:11am
Originally posted by Rupert

The term Chinese gybe is an odd one.

Agreed, I might be using it entirely wrongly, so the term I need describes a windward capsize after the gybe which is precisely opposite of what normally happens.

We have a useful term in windsurfing I think I might apply, it's called a monkey gybe.

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Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 25 May 16 at 12:08pm
Depends what boat you are sailing really, but in my Musto, in 25+plus my routine would be:

1) OMG i have to gybe
2) ok, think... more speed
3) ease main out to corner of the rack
4) raise myself on the wire
5) slack out the new kite sheet (yes ok, too much over 25 and its in the chute still)
6) Speed
7) bear away, unhook from trapeze
8) move across boat
9) as boom twitches, tiller is centralized and all body weight on new wing - if not swimming
10) hook on sheet on, back onto the wire
11) foot loop and bring main back in for speed
12) ease out kite again and start giggling and screaming as boat takes off


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