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Historic Yacht

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Topic: Historic Yacht
Posted By: MirandaPender
Subject: Historic Yacht
Date Posted: 21 Feb 16 at 5:43pm
I'm new to this forum and to be perfectly honest know next to nothing about sailing! I have joined very specifically to see if anyone can tell me anything at all about the yacht 'Suzette' in this photo. The date would have been about 1920, and the location probably the Suffolk or Essex coast. 'Suzette' belonged to an ancestor of mine, and I am keen to find out any descriptive or technical details that might apply to this boat. I realise it's probably difficult from just a fragmentary view, but anything anyone might guess about its class, type, length, materials, whatever - would be most appreciated.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 21 Feb 16 at 7:58pm
Probably not the best forum, although I'm not sure what is.

At a very ill informed guess she's a gaff Yawl, maybe in the 30 or 40ft length region - the spars look a bit small for something bigger. There may be some sort of archive of UK ship registry that might help, I have half a memory something of the sort exists.

Posted By: MirandaPender
Date Posted: 21 Feb 16 at 8:17pm
Thank you for those observations, JimC - any little clue is helpful! I'll have a look to see if I can find an archive of the sort you mention.

Posted By: Van Mentz
Date Posted: 21 Feb 16 at 9:38pm
Lloyds Register of Shipping. A yacht of that size at that time would most likely have been registered with Lloyds but it has always been voluntary to do so. The register will give such information as her builder, date, dimensions, displacement and owners. Judging by her beam I would hazard she was a good 50' in length plus bowsprit but I agree with Jim C her spars look rather light for that. Gaff rigged and a ketch or yawl.

Posted By: MirandaPender
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 8:04am
Thank you, Van Mentz -,that is most helpful!

Posted By: didlydon
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 10:58am
Very interesting! 

It would be really worth sending this to Gavin at as he is based in the South East & his website features lots of historical stuff like this. Very best of luck to you.  

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Posted By: MirandaPender
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 11:10am
I will do, didlydon - thank you!
The reason I am interested is that I'm a singer-songwriter, currently writing a series of songs based around tales from my family history (and believe me, there have been some bizarre incidents!)
The story attached to 'Suzette' is that my 2x great-uncle apparently named her after one of his mistresses - that's his 2nd wife in the photo, not the mistress Embarrassed and I thought it had the makings of a song.....
I would like to find out all I can about the yacht so I can weave some details into the lyrics.

Posted By: didlydon
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 11:45am
Wow! Great tale Miranda! Yes, family history can uncover some wonderful stories.... Definitely send this pic & all the info to Gavin & he'll post it up I'm sure. Good luck!

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Posted By: MirandaPender
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 12:03pm
Thumbs Up

Posted By: MartinG
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 12:10pm
Could this be the one?

good luck

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Posted By: jaydub
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 12:27pm
Unlikely as the boat in the picture is a gaff rigged ketch or a yawl and the one in the pdf is a Bermudan sloop.

Posted By: MirandaPender
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 12:29pm
Unfortunately, not - my ancestor's name was John Henry James, and at that time he lived in Aldeburgh. He was a consulting mining engineer, originally from Cornwall.
Thank you so much for your interest, Martin.

Posted By: Presuming Ed
Date Posted: 22 Feb 16 at 12:30pm
Originally posted by JimC

Probably not the best forum, although I'm not sure what is.

Classic boat ( a bit quiet)

YBW classic forum

Wooden boat (US  based).

There is a fair degree of overlap between posters on the above. 

Might also try Sandeman and wooden ships 
Probably the two premier classic boat brokerages in the uk.

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