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Trailer Question

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Topic: Trailer Question
Posted By: tink
Subject: Trailer Question
Date Posted: 24 Jan 16 at 10:23am
I have dinghy on a combi trailer, when trailing should the boat be secured with the side to side strap to the trailer on the launching trolley?


Posted By: jaydub
Date Posted: 24 Jan 16 at 10:40am

Posted By: Do Different
Date Posted: 24 Jan 16 at 10:43am
Tie everything to everything, no such thing as too much.
Be careful not to over tighten ratchet straps and where they are placed, as many boat suffer damage from trailing as sailing.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 25 Jan 16 at 8:57am
There should be eyes on the road base to hook straps or tie ropes to. You can "strap down everything" but in reality if the bow is tied securely, both forwards and down (diagonal does both) up against a stop, and the middle is padded and strapped firmly, but not too tight, the hull will go nowhere.

The exception to this are hulls with slack bilges, where if they slip sideways, the rope or strap goes lose. Here, you may need to tie each side down as well as one over the top. A rope round the thwart, or through a toe strap eye over the deck and down to the trailer will work. Don't forget the padding!

The mast can be harder to tie. I tie front, middle and back, making sure it can't slide aft.

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Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 25 Jan 16 at 11:29am
I had a main tie-down strap fail on me some years ago. I noticed nothing amiss until I got home! Gawd knows how far I travelled with only the bow tied securely. So now I have bright yellow shock-cord between the main strap & the mast so I can see that the whole thing is secure. (Useful by-product is that it reduces mast bounce a whole lot :-) )

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Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 25 Jan 16 at 6:15pm
I don't use the road base D-rings, I hook into the ends of the main cradle support tubes so the strap force is directly over the cradle.
As previously stated don't over tighten the strap on a racing dinghy.
I usually invert the mast so the heavier bottom end is on the crutch,
then tie a line from the front cradle, up & twice round the mast then down t'other side. This stops the mast wobbling & thrashing around.
If you want to be flash, make a padded strapping board to go across the boat, this spreads the load on the side decks and prevents the strap crushing the sides together. I doesn't have to be pretty, just a plank cut to length with some foam pads stuck on.

Posted By: fleaberto
Date Posted: 27 Jan 16 at 2:20pm
The more 'near misses' I have, the longer my trailer routine takes! One of our boats came free from the bottom deck of our double stacker on our way out of Oxford heading to Southampton. I actually only noticed when I thought: "Hmn, that nose is pointing up a bit..." Pulled into a layby to find the trolley running on the road and the boat only staying on due to being jammed against the rear, upper crossbar of the trailer! <phew>!

I always tie a painter between the bow and the trailer mast holder. Also a bow strap down from the painter and around the trailer base itself (holds the bow down and stops it bouncing)
Then a middle ratchet strap to the trailer D-Rings.
Two long buckle cam straps up over the mast and pulled taught around the trolley handles to hold the mast down.
A few taught bungees to the D-Rings, up, round & over the mast (Stops bouncing and keeps it on the boat should (god forbid) the mast jump free.
I also put the mast end into a mast bag. This has two webbing loops that allow me to run a rope through and into holes on my mast crutch, thus stopping the mast from sliding backwards.
Yeah, this routine usually sees me missing prize-givings (especially if we're double-stacking to an event!!) but usually all stays nice and solid.

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