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Just bought a Solo - any advice?

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Topic: Just bought a Solo - any advice?
Posted By: Terry Dactyl
Subject: Just bought a Solo - any advice?
Date Posted: 21 Oct 15 at 8:10pm

I am fairly new to sailing having just completed my RYA.

I have taken a punt on a cheap Solo which I have been advised is a decent boat for a 6'2" 14st man.

Any advice for my first few trips? Is it possible to de-power it a bit whilst I find my feet?


Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 21 Oct 15 at 9:22pm
I shouldn't worry too much, its not a particularly venomous beast. Just avoid gales for the moment. I STR there's a fair bit of class specific info on the Class website.

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 22 Oct 15 at 8:40am
Welcome to Solo sailing....

The Class website (and Message board) are going to be really helpful for advice, but here's a few tips...

1) Set up the mast rake till you have just a bit of weather helm (centreboard fully down) then raise the centreboard a bit till neutral helm and mark this position. (boat seems to go to windward better with slightly raked board in most winds).
If overpowered to windward, raise the board more.

2) Offwind, ease the kicker Upwind it only needs to be just tight so that the boom doesn't lift when you sheet out.

3) Flat boat! Play the mainsheet (or traveller) to keep the boat flat in the gusts. Once there is significant heel, the hull steers to windward, the boat heels more, the end of the boom will hit the water when you sheet out and splash...

4) Don't sit too far back downwind. behind the centreboard case is too far back.

Where are you sailing? Local fleet will have a lot of advice!


Posted By: Terry Dactyl
Date Posted: 22 Oct 15 at 2:40pm
Thanks for the advice.

Does anyone know how to estimate the age of a Solo?

The sail number is not the original.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 22 Oct 15 at 2:45pm
The original number should be on the hull. Class rules say:
(a) Wooden hulls shall carry the sail number cut into the hog aft of the
centreboard case in figures not less than 25 mm high.
(b) GRP and FRP hulls shall have a plate permanently fixed inside the transom
with the sail number, mould number and builders serial number stamped

Posted By: ColPrice2002
Date Posted: 24 Oct 15 at 11:05am
There's a link on the Class website to a darabase kept by one of the Dutch Solo sailors. It has just about every Solo manufactured, including hull deck materials and builder.
This can help you if you have some information.

You should also have had a measurement certificate with the details...
Replacements are from the RYA, but you'll need the hull number.
Use the Solo website messageboard first - some peope have long memories!

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