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Killer Shrimp ?

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Topic: Killer Shrimp ?
Posted By: Phantom Titch
Subject: Killer Shrimp ?
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 2:12pm
Could we have an article of the real situation with Killer Shrimp and are we (the dinghy sailing fraternity) really having any impact on the transportation of said vermin. The water birds surly transport the eggs and thousands of bird are different to a few 100 dinghy's?

Would also be nice to know how has the pest and who is clear, surly travelling between contaminated venues would be OK?

Titch ~:-))

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 2:56pm
Launching trolley padding is a *very* very good medium for transporting the eggs and pests. My money is on imported fish bait as the source, this damn country really needs some proper biosecurity.

The trouble is you never really know who isn't contaminated, and we now have two different species of invasive shrimp and two of mussels, so keepoing tabs on who can't travel between where would be problematic. However inland to sea and vice versa is OK, a good immersion in sea water should deal with most of the freshwater vermin. Get that trolley right under the waves!

Posted By: Phantom Titch
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 3:09pm
Don't have any padding in my trolley!! Had to wash when going from Northampton to Minnis Bay and back in too....

Going to Grafham soon and will have to repeat at both venues Northampton and Grafham, Madness!! Where is the common sense?

Titch ~:-))

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 3:29pm
Not madness at all I'm afraid.

Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 4:35pm
Whether washing your boat on departure from a contaminated lake (or not) is a good idea or not, is it enforceable? Can anyone prevent an owner from removing their property from anywhere, public or members-only? I guess a club could place sanctions on individuals who don't comply...

Of course, washing before immersion in a fresh-water site, contaminated or not, is only prudent.

Nick" rel="nofollow - GBR 14821 Sijambo

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 4:58pm
Northampton did an amazing job with 70 boats washed in less than an hour a few weeks ago. First time they'd done it, too. No idea what difference it makes, though?

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446 Mirror 70686

Posted By: Time Lord
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 7:06pm
Probably not a great deal of difference. When I researched this a few weeks ago, I found that as well as some inland reservoirs eg Pitsford and Grafham, the killer shrimps were now also to be found in the canal system to the north west of Birmingham. As nobody is likely to do the advocated wash, clean and dry on the narrow boats that travel up and down the canal system, there is no way that it will not spread.

Merlin Rocket 3609

Posted By: andymck
Date Posted: 01 Oct 15 at 9:14pm
This seems very different to the plan at rutland. In coming boats have to have been washed and dried off site. Any boat that arrives that is not clean and dry is supposed to be refused entry. Boats that arrive wet or dirty must not be washed on site, as this may lead to contamination of the site. Owners have to sign a declaration to make it self policing, but spot checks can be done.
Not sure what you are supposed to do if it rains on the journey.
We are the same water authority as Pitsford, but apparently not yet infected.


Andy Mck

Posted By: Phantom Titch
Date Posted: 02 Oct 15 at 7:57am
Lets hope no birds fly from Grafham or Pitsford to Rutland then...!!

Titch ~:-))

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 02 Oct 15 at 10:38am
If birds were the main transmission vector they'd have spread Europe and Britain centuries ago.

Posted By: Chris415700
Date Posted: 04 Oct 15 at 9:47pm
If I was a betting man I would put my money on Anglian Water being the main transmission vector -" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Chris415700
Date Posted: 13 Mar 16 at 9:51am
So Anglian water tell us not to transfer water elsewhere -

and then proceed to allow water to overflow into the surrounding countryside.

Posted By: JimC
Date Posted: 13 Mar 16 at 4:25pm
It has to go somewhere...

With the mussels especially from the water companies view it's probably inevitable they'll get everywhere in the end, but because they clog up equipment so badly it will really up expenses. And of course the extra expense will go on our water bills and on our club rents, not out of the directors salaries, so it's in all our interests for the spread to be slowed down.

Posted By: jeffers
Date Posted: 21 Mar 16 at 12:35pm
Killer shrimp are likely everywhere already just not detected.

At the Grafham GP this year the boat washing after racing was quite frankly a joke. The guy manning rthe boat wash station where I was queued up didn't really pay much attention and then wondered off while there were still 10 or 12 boats waiting. Most of the queue then simply disappeared and packed away.

D-Zero GBR 74

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