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Sailing app for dinghy

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Topic: Sailing app for dinghy
Posted By: about a boat
Subject: Sailing app for dinghy
Date Posted: 10 Sep 15 at 2:42pm
I am sure this has probably been covered but my forum search did not bring anything up.

Has anyone found what is to be a good app from google play for dinghy sailing. Really looking at something that you can measure sailing performance with.


Posted By: elzorillo
Date Posted: 08 Jul 16 at 4:09pm
'Sailing tactician' more features that you'll probably use but I think it's rather good.

Posted By: Pewit
Date Posted: 18 Sep 16 at 3:29pm
I sail a Weta Trimaran and use an iPhone in a Dog&Bone case mounted on the mast using a RAM ATV roll-bar mount (my only beef with the RAM mount is the metal hoseclamp-style "strap" supplied isn't marine-grade stainless steel).

In addition to being a bit feature-light IMHO, Sailing Tactician has one fundamental design flaw - it uses white text on an orange background - hopeless in bright sunlight.

Depending on your screen, you may find that it works better in landscape mode rather than vertical because the built-in polarising lens interferes with polarising glasses -  and wearing polarising glasses can make the screen much more readable - especially if you use a phone case that leaves the screen uncovered (e.g. Dog&Bone Wetsuit, Lifeproof Nuud)

The two apps I use are:" rel="nofollow - iRegatta
iRegatta uses big black text on white background (or inverse) has many more features including.
Route view
Create waypoints: from a pin on the map, by cross-bearing using the camera, ping as you pass the mark, import from .KML file or enter the lat/long.
Create and save courses using the above and it also has a setting for standard Olympic-style courses.
Start View
Infinite timer and support for pursuit races, time to line, distance to line, line bias, burn or hold indicator (from generated polar).
Race View
Configurable displays - SOG, COG, VMG etc (or NMEA outputs for yachts), lift/header indicator, speed historgram, layline indicator (Can also overlay Transas charts for yachts).
Many more features and a free demo version is available - worth the $12 cost IMHO.

Also available is an Add-on for the Pebble Smartwatch which mirrors the displays and allows you to use it as a remote control (for starting the timer, for example)." rel="nofollow - RaceQs .
RaceQs records the track of your sailing and gives you the option to replay the race in 3D in a browser (Chrome recommended). It also allows you to compare your performance to others in the fleet (who are using the app) and to view an overlay of your stats including VMG, SOG and tacking time etc.

The benefit of this is you can store the phone in a waterproof case below deck and either view the track later to get the analysis or if you want real-time info, there's a companion app available for the sunlight-readable Pebble Smartwatch which gives:

Sailing Dashboard

SOG, VMG, COG, Bearing to Mark

Perfect Start

Calculates time and distance to line and line bias

Wind Shifts

Alerts you to lifts and headers

Tack Analysis

Provides tack stats after each tack

Layline Alerts

Alerts when approaching or crossing laylines

More Vibrating Alerts

Unsteady Helm, OCS

Hope this helps.

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