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Any performance bilge keelers?

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Topic: Any performance bilge keelers?
Posted By: Strangler
Subject: Any performance bilge keelers?
Date Posted: 29 Jun 15 at 4:05pm
Toying with the idea of getting a cruiser up to 32ft c1990 vintage. Some benefits of a bilge keeler for coastal hopping and choices of anchorage. Never sailed one. Are there any with reasonable windward performance? Is a 'twin keeler' supposedly saying better performance. I do not need racing performance, still get my fix dinghy sailing but do not want a dog.
Any other disadvantages? Have heard the prop is more prone to picking up debris. Manoeuvrability under motor?

Posted By: Wee Man
Date Posted: 30 Jun 15 at 6:27am
Westerly Fulmar is pretty quick & 32ft.

Nacra Infusion F18

Posted By: catmandoo
Date Posted: 30 Jun 15 at 11:55am
Bilge keelers generally performance comprimised and almost as a rule slower ,less efficient than the same hull with fin keel  afaik , 

Good for grounding intentionaly , nightmare if not 😜

But there are some with good performance and designed as such , rowsell morrison built some seriously quick twin keel boats think built by rm yachts , there was an ole ior racer that had tacking bilge boards , ie internal ballast and unballasted boards that was quick untill outlawed , think foxer make a wee fast bilge board yacht too .


Posted By: PeterV
Date Posted: 30 Jun 15 at 12:19pm
The principle difference is in the way the bilge keels are constructed.  Early boats with moulded bilge keels had to have them vertical so they could come out of the mould.  These are all really slow.  Later boats had bolt on iron fins, splayed out and assymetric.  These will go much better.  Also look at the draft, some of the early bilge keelers were only about 2' draft on a boat almost 30' long whereas others, like the Fulmar is much deeper.  So, just by loking at the boat out of the water will give you a good idea of it's likely performance.
I'll second a Fulmar as a bilge keeler that really goes well.

Finn K197, Finn GBR564, Hunter Duette.

Posted By: rb_stretch
Date Posted: 30 Jun 15 at 7:00pm
I had an RM880 which was as quick as any modern fin keeler (excepting out and out raceboats). Problem is getting hold of one. I bought new and when I sold the boat it went straight back to France.

Posted By: chrisarnell1
Date Posted: 21 Jul 15 at 11:07am
Dad had a Moody 31. Lots of them in Christchurch owing to shallow draught. Great boats in all conditions. Not a racing boat by any means but if you're hacking up the Solent, wind against tide, in 35 knots - something that does 7 knots upwind and keeps you dry is a touch of class.

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 16 Dec 15 at 10:20pm
Sailed a bilge keeled moody 31s round cornwall once; spent all night trying to get it past Brixham by tacking up wind .. instead of getting into Tobay we realised we were just going back and forth without gaining any ground.  Fast enough, but wouldn't point at all.  Bloke who sold it had just bought a Westerly Fulmar .. along with almost everyone else at his yacht club.

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