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RS600 Tiller extension

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Topic: RS600 Tiller extension
Posted By: dohertpk
Subject: RS600 Tiller extension
Date Posted: 20 Jun 15 at 8:44pm
Hi all,
I managed to snap my beloved carbon tiller extension today. Where do people buy their skiff tiller extensions? Happy with either carbon or aluminium but I need somewhere that will ship to Dublin at a reasonable price. Also, what length am I looking for? 2.5m?


Posted By: Paramedic
Date Posted: 21 Jun 15 at 8:47am
If it's carbon it'll repair.


Posted By: Jamie600
Date Posted: 21 Jun 15 at 9:04pm
Peter, you just need to insert a carbon tube sleeve coated in a paste made from epoxy mixed with microfibres, then wrap the outside with carbon tape soaked with epoxy.
This will give a solid repair but you can go a bit further by adding graphite powder to the epoxy, so you can sand and fill the area around the tape with something that matches the tiller, to give a less visible repair. will sell you all of the above bits, or a new tube if you'd rather replace it

RS600 810

Posted By: dohertpk
Date Posted: 21 Jun 15 at 9:14pm
Thanks a million for the above - unfortunately, half of the extension is now at the bottom of the harbour so it will have to be a full new tube. Just had a look at carbonology there...damn sight cheaper than buying a new stick from LDC!

Posted By: catmandoo
Date Posted: 21 Jun 15 at 10:40pm
Pop some string up middle of new one , next time you break you will have bits to repair :) 


Posted By: Do Different
Date Posted: 22 Jun 15 at 7:43am

Get a big Thumbs Up from me, simple with exactly the right amount of grip, one on both boats. 

Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 22 Jun 15 at 9:24am
the C2 sticks are awesome strong - i think you'll need a 2.3m stick on the 600 unless you are un-feasibly tall though or tall and on wide wings... standard was always 2.1 and i think most 'upgraded' to 2.3m

RS300 and RS200, ex Musto Skiff

Posted By: NickA
Date Posted: 22 Jun 15 at 9:53pm
I managed to break my C2 extension - demonstrating how strong it was!  Very good and grippy too - so long as you don't do my Charles Atlas act.  

Raw cabonology toobing is a bit slippy without wrapping grip tape around it - also the cheaper tubes are uni-directional carbon (ie the fibres run only along the length of the tube), so they lack compression and burst strength.   This one would be good:

Having said which I have a slightly re-inforced unidirectional carbonology tube as my Javelin spinnaker pole (all 7ft of it) and it's lasting OK - despite bending scarily round the forestay for a while yesterday.

3604 ...lapse of reason
Javelin 558

Posted By: getafix
Date Posted: 25 Jun 15 at 6:03am
is anyone making new 600's or anyone trying to find someone to do it?

Posted By: Neptune
Date Posted: 25 Jun 15 at 8:47am" rel="nofollow -

The took the 600 and 300 mould's on when RS stop actively promoting them.  The 300 is thriving, would be fantastic if the 600 did once again, but its quite a big jump now for anyone to buy new.  

Edit:  they also build the 700 for RS and looking at the blog page the new 200's too Smile

RS300 and RS200, ex Musto Skiff

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