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How much do you think a Bolero 25 is worth?

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Topic: How much do you think a Bolero 25 is worth?
Posted By: Bolero167
Subject: How much do you think a Bolero 25 is worth?
Date Posted: 04 Nov 14 at 9:24pm

I am in the process of trying to sell my Bolero 25 quarter tonner.  She is advertised on yachts and yachting as well as the other usual sites like Boats and Outboards and Apollo Duck for 6950 with good sails and a number of improvements over recent years since I have owned her.

However, I have not had any interest and wonder if I am being realistic with the price I am asking.  I would be interested in people's views.


Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 04 Nov 14 at 10:41pm
Have you advertised it on the quarter tonner website?

Price seems about right given its a tidy boat but perhaps not the right time of year to sell it. Wait till Easter and they'll be biting your arm off.

Posted By: Bolero167
Date Posted: 04 Nov 14 at 11:11pm

Thanks for your thoughts.  Yes I have asked Louise Morton to post on the QT website.

Just a matter of being patient I guess and hoping things pick up in the spring.

Posted By: Oiler
Date Posted: 05 Nov 14 at 12:12pm
Think maybe she would be worth that price with a good road trailer.
Would guess around 5k would be about the right price at the moment.

Posted By: rich96
Date Posted: 08 Nov 14 at 10:09am
I think for a lot of these small yachts the purchase price is not always the key factor - the running costs make the purchase pale into insignificance eventually.

If a boats for sale for near 7 grand its not necessarily going to put off everyone else who only want to spend 5 - 6k ?. The eventual price of these boats will be totally down to what the purchaser wants to offer and what the vendor will take. Regularly the vendor will drop the price because every month is costing them cash.

I was in a similar situation a few years ago - then out of a blue a chap who wanted that particular class turned up and a deal was done.

Posted By: laser193713
Date Posted: 10 Nov 14 at 9:46am
Set up right and able to win races at the quarter ton cup she would easily fetch double that. Try the Irish Quarter Ton lot, they love boleros, most of them are over there now.

We have been approached a couple of times by the Irish wanting to take our boat off us. That said, we do have a new rig and sails, larger than standard, and a pretty decent record in the QTC. The other boleros that turn up to the cup tend to get put off very easily, not sure why, the boat is perfectly capable of winning races.

Posted By: Bolero167
Date Posted: 10 Nov 14 at 9:21pm
HI Thanks for your thoughts. I did post the advert for my boat on the Irish QT Fleet facebook page but have not had any response. Louise has also put the boat on the UK QT Class website.

Do you know if the Irish fleet have a website?

Unfortunately, I have not had any interest in Merlin at all since advertising. I am hoping this is down to the time of year rather than a lack of interest in the boat.

Posted By: laser193713
Date Posted: 23 Nov 14 at 7:30pm
Not sure about a website, the boat looks smart so it will sell in time. Just hope you aren't after a speed sale as without a fair amount of work she won't be too fast in the Solent fleet, the Irish boleros all have huge rigs on them. They do like the boat though, so they might be sniffing behind the scenes. 

I think we will be thinking about selling up soon, I just don't have the time to spend my whole summer in Cowes working on a 30 year old highly tuned racing machine, something the standard bolero isn't. We have gone all Irish and stuck a big rig on her though. LOL

Posted By: Bolero167
Date Posted: 23 Nov 14 at 8:24pm

Thanks for your thoughts.

To be honest, I was taking the view that Merlin was more suitable for the type of racing we have done with her over the last 8 years of ownership and that has been club level racing and events like the Portsmouth Parhelion, interclub series between Portsmouth Harbour Clubs and local regattas.

From doing the QT cup when we first purchased Merlin, it became apparent very quickly that if you want to be competitive in the QT fleet you have to be prepared to spend lots of money and without spending more on Merlin than she was worth we were not going to turn her in to a competitive QT fleet member.

However, we have had significant success at a club level and Merlin would be great for someone looking to do that type of sailing or alternatively someone who wants to spend some money optimising her.

Thanks again, I appreciate your comments

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