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Dinghy Show

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Topic: Dinghy Show
Posted By: Wetabix
Subject: Dinghy Show
Date Posted: 01 Feb 13 at 8:00pm
The Dinghy Show brochure arrived on my doorstep today along with my copy of Y&Y. The dinghy show does not change much over the years - you only need to attend about once every fifteen years to keep abreast of things but it is nice to browse the brochure and drool.  No Norfolk Punt this year but the classes that evolved in the fifties are still there and all claim to be thriving. There are Cadets and Mirrors and Enterprises and even Hornets although why someone should choose to sail a Hornet when there is class racing available in the Fireball I do not know. And let us not overlook the Yachting World Dayboat which provides 'keen and competitive racing' we are told. And then there is the litter of all the classes started by Topper and Laser over the years and then dropped. Many of these are excellent boats but if they don't sell they don't sell. The Breeze the Boss and the Bull are no more, the Blaze struggles on as an orphan as does the ISO and the Buzz and the Laser 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000, and perhaps the RS 300.   But Good News! - there are another half dozen new dinghy classes on offer this year and even a dayboat. Even more choice, and even less class racing.  Class comments range from the banal ('the Buzz is all about having fun') to the incomprehensible pseudo-Martian  ( 'D-One is a powerful but easy to keep control multinational hiking asymmetric singlehanded').( Actually the Weta is faster, more easy to keep control of, won't capsize and hiking consists of nothing more energetic than 'sitting'). The Hornet Class cannot spell symmetric; the Tera claims to be 'Fast, fun and safe' (fast compared with what?) while the Topper claims to be 'fun friendly and fast'. Well, it's probably faster than a Tera. The Scorpion claims 'terrific' performance' which must refer to its PY which is about .3% faster than an RS200 . Jon Manners is secretary of no fewer than  seven classes, an achievement topped only by Heather Chipperfield's eight. The Vortex will be exhibiting ('hopefully') a hull, or maybe a mould or maybe a picture of an 'imminent mould'. That should sell well. Apparently the Vibe was voted best dinghy at the Paris boat show. Not recently, I would guess and don't confuse 'best dinghy' with 'best new dinghy' - they are not the same thing.  Why do manufacturers choose such odd names for their boats? Who would buy a boat called an Argo or a Magno or a Qu'ba, nice boats though they may be, and why has someone who does not work for Topper called his boat the Alto which sounds rather similar? So what is the 'best boat' at the show? There are probably as many answers as there will be visitors to the show which is why we have so many old classes which refuse to fade away and so many new classes which live for a day but don't become established. Thank goodness for PY!

Geore Morris
Weta 117

Posted By: SoggyBadger
Date Posted: 01 Feb 13 at 8:21pm
Originally posted by Wetabix

the Tera claims to be 'Fast, fun and safe' (fast compared with what?)

It's unarguably faster and safer than a lump of concrete tied to the ankles.

Best wishes from deep in the woods


Posted By: djdhi
Date Posted: 01 Feb 13 at 10:37pm
You missed out the Heron

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 02 Feb 13 at 12:34am
And breath....

Then remember to hit the return key and new paragraph now and again so we can read it...

Posted By: mongrel
Date Posted: 02 Feb 13 at 8:05am
Originally posted by iGRF

And breath....

Then remember to hit the return key and new paragraph now and again so we can read it...
You're beginning to sound like BNS!LOL

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