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Not displaying in IE9, etc

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Topic: Not displaying in IE9, etc
Posted By: Simon368
Subject: Not displaying in IE9, etc
Date Posted: 17 Dec 12 at 4:43pm
When we post the sailwave file to our website the results cannot be read in anything later than IE 7.
I Publish the results and Emial to the lady wgho does the website. she uploads them. They used to be fine to read now it is all a loadd of rubish
what are we doing wrong?

Posted By: blueboy
Date Posted: 17 Dec 12 at 6:14pm
It is possible to configure the webserver to send headers to ask IE to behave in IE7 mode.


But maybe you need a more recent version of Sailwave?

Posted By: Simon368
Date Posted: 18 Dec 12 at 1:34pm
I have the latest version of sailwave downloaded yesterday but the same results.
I do not control the website so do not understnad such things as you suggest.
I just create the htm file and send it to the webmaster. They upload it and any new browsers dont seem to read it.
Am I saving in the wrong format or do you think it is something to do with the way we are uplaoading it. i have not doubt  it is us and not sailwaveSmile

Posted By: blueboy
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 6:42am

Can you provide a link to an example?

Posted By: Simon368
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 9:12am -
look at the results section, and series.
All I see is a long list of text

Posted By: Ian29937
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 9:55am
Looks fine to me in ie 8 at work.

Posted By: blueboy
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 11:23am
OK, so if I go to - and click results/autumn series (for example) what I see in IE9 is that the right hand frame is unformatted html. It works fine in IE8 and Firefox.

Having traced the flow, I believe the reason is that you don't have a file suffix i.e. your file is  /autumn%20series%202012 but should be (say)   /autumn%20series%202012.html

This seems to be a known change in IE9 e.g. see**rosoft_Operating_Systems/Windows/Windows_7/Q_27648510.html

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Posted By: Simon368
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 4:32pm
In Firefox and chrome I see the same unformatted html (learning something), but the problem you identify gives me no clues as to the solution. Remember I am a computir idiot Confused

Posted By: SUGmeister
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 5:24pm
May I suggest that you take this query to the SUG - -


Simon SUGmeister
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Posted By: blueboy
Date Posted: 19 Dec 12 at 5:27pm
I think the problem is that your files are called (for example) "autumn series 2012" and the problem would be resolved if they were "autumn series 2012.html"

If I am correct, it's nowt to do with Sailwave per se.

Posted By: Simon368
Date Posted: 20 Dec 12 at 10:34am
I think I am getting there. When I 'Publish' the results to email them to the webpage editor the file is beign attached as .htm as in no 'l'. But this is configured in sailwave????
When I send them to the Lightning website webmaster he has not problems with this format

Posted By: blueboy
Date Posted: 20 Dec 12 at 2:52pm
I've been able to reproduce this issue on a test system and I can tell you exactly what is happening. It's not a format issue, it's an issue with the naming of the files on the server.

Files on with extension .html are being served with MIME type text/html as would be expected. MIME type tells the browser how to handle the file, in this case to treat it as html.

Regardless of how you have emailed them, your results files on  the server have no file extension and are being served with MIME type text/plain. On IE8, these get rendered as html anyway. On IE9 and Chrome, they are rendered as plain text (which is arguably more correct). This change in IE9 is described at http://msdn.M**

Your webpage editor needs to rename the files on the server so they have suffix .html (.htm would almost certainly work too). They will then be served with the correct MIME type and all will be well.

As you might surmise, I deal with this kind of fun for a living although I hadn't come across this particular IE9 change before.

Posted By: Simon368
Date Posted: 20 Dec 12 at 4:11pm
I think we have zero'd in on the problem.
I double checked my emails and the attachments open OK in any browser, so It is a problem with the uploading. I have passed this onto the webmaster to sort out waht she is doing wrong.
Thanks for all you help Guys

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