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Dinghy Cruising forum?

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Topic: Dinghy Cruising forum?
Posted By: Gavin74
Subject: Dinghy Cruising forum?
Date Posted: 12 Nov 12 at 4:30pm



New to this sailing business, but coming from a sea kayaking background I notice the gap in information /trip reports on dinghy cruising.


Iím not sure how big this part of Dinghy sailing is.  But for me cruising appeals to me more than racing.  But where as in the sea kayaking world I can pick up books or access websites with trip reports/ideas I canít find anything on dinghy cruising.

Is this something that just isnít in demand?  Iím talking about anything from a trip from one beach to another for a picnic with the kids to multi days trips up north around the western isles.

Iíll write up and post my own reports if people are interested.



Posted By: alstorer
Date Posted: 12 Nov 12 at 4:39pm
The - Dinghy Crusing Association don't seem to be very active online- and the shots of their newsletter front pages do look rather "retro" in a "this is not deliberately retro, we're actually stuck in the 70s/80s style wise" sort of way.


Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 12 Nov 12 at 5:46pm
Far more people cruise (as in "sail around", rather than in "go on voyages")  dinghies than race them, but possibly they spend less time talking about it on line.

I'm sure there are websites with chat rooms out there somewhere catering for them, but it may be that they are spread out thinly?

Firefly 2324, Lightning 130, Puffin 229, Minisail 3446

Posted By: andybury
Date Posted: 12 Nov 12 at 6:23pm
Hi Gavin 
Contact Ed from the GP14 Association (see link below) he will be more than helpful. We a currently working on upgrading our cruising section as we also see it as a growth area.

I also have a sea kayak and love it.


Posted By: Gavin74
Date Posted: 13 Nov 12 at 9:48am
Thanks for the replies.
Do we need to ask Y&Y for a dedicated forum?
Andy  - thanks for the link to the GP14 site.  I'm looking for a GP14 as my first proper boat.  I've another post of the "chosing a boat" forum re the difference between an Amos or Fibredon frp GP14, do you have any ideas?
Sea kayaking is great, but not very family friendly given the age of my kids and day passes out are getting few and far between.  I'm hoping dinghy sailing is something we can all do.

Posted By: gordon
Date Posted: 13 Nov 12 at 9:01pm
DCA Journal is one of the finest sailing magazines  I know. Read it


Posted By: andybury
Date Posted: 14 Nov 12 at 7:35am
Hi Gavin
Just finding out for you should have an answer back today.

Posted By: MerlinMags
Date Posted: 14 Nov 12 at 2:14pm
We could add another section to these forums if there was demand. So far I think the racing focus of Y&Y has probably not attracted the cruising types!
For the record, I'm equally taken with crusing and racing. Here's a perfect opportunity for me to pimp a relevant link..... -
The DCA are a very active bunch - don't let anyone's thoughts about retro website photos put you off! Maybe there is a little less carbon fibre and trapezing, but they do get out on the water very frequently.

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