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Dart 16

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Topic: Dart 16
Posted By: Zen Dog
Subject: Dart 16
Date Posted: 07 Dec 17 at 11:56pm
I like Dart 16s. I have sailed them abroad and have enjoyed the experience so I am interested in buying one but first I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer.
1. Has the class association folded. The link to the website no longer works and I have failed to receive a reply when I emailed them. I also see that there doesn’t seem to have been national championships for the last couple of years. This seems to suggest that the class is in decline. Is this the case?
2. Can 16s be raced singlehanded with 1 sail on the same handicap as 2 up with both sails?

The Glory of the Ride

Posted By: Phil_1193
Date Posted: 08 Dec 17 at 7:20am
You are better off looking at the Sprint 15 which is the rebranded Dart 15 and seems to have quite a big following in the UK

This is 'generally' sailed singlehanded with or without jib and/or trapeze and iirc there is a published handicap for all options

Posted By: Zen Dog
Date Posted: 08 Dec 17 at 2:07pm
Hmm. I'll look into that option too.
Thanks for the suggestion.

The Glory of the Ride

Posted By: craiggo
Date Posted: 08 Dec 17 at 9:21pm
The 16 never really made it as a racing class and is consigned to being a great holiday centre catamaran.

If you want a racing cat that's 16ft long I'd look at the Spitfire or if you don't want to trapeze then Dart 18 or as others have said Sprint 15. The latter is a great singlehanded or doublehander with a little crew.

Graduate 2928
OK 2071

Posted By: Zen Dog
Date Posted: 09 Dec 17 at 7:41am
Thanks for the spitfire suggestion but there’s no way on earth my missus is going to get onto one of them! I guess I want something that I can sail with family on board but also be able to race singlehanded without having to negotiate a club handicap. The Dart 16 is a great boat and would suit us nicely  but, having now looked into them, the Sprint 15’s racing credentials make it an attractive proposition.

The Glory of the Ride

Posted By: BeenThere
Date Posted: 13 Jan 18 at 2:44pm
The Dart 16 was and probably still is an Ok ish cat for what it was designed for.  RS also have a root moulded cat on the market so might be worth a look.  The D16 on your own is a very heavy boat - i have been involved with the boat right from the start - Royal and Sun Alliance blue cats that went round the uk!

Build quality can vary with them and the rear beams were the weak point and would crack. Separating the hulls for transport was also a pain, whereas the dart 15 etc etc was a walk in the park! Rudders were also a bit hit and miss, especially if you got a used one from a sailing school.  The kick up system worked but too many times and the stern would look a bit worse for wear and the stock would take a hammering especially in the sea, not so bad in freshwater.

Great boat, lots of options and tbh if your looking for a cheapish cat to get you going not too bad, just go and look and look carefully.

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