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singlehander for small(ish) lake

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Printed Date: 18 Dec 17 at 8:40am
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Topic: singlehander for small(ish) lake
Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Subject: singlehander for small(ish) lake
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 9:41pm
I know I've asked this question before but I'm now a little better informed so I'll ask again......

I've got a Blaze which I sail in Holyhead bay..... And a Supernova for the inland club (Leigh & Lowton). I love the Blaze and have just returned from a five week holiday in Anglesey, sailing 4 or 5 days a week, mostly the Blaze and in F2-6.... it's an absolute joy to sail. I managed a few races in the 'nova before the summer break and found it very difficult (I clicked with the Blaze on the first sail). I'm definitely going to give the 'nova some time, certainly until Christmas but am already considering alternatives if I can't gel with her.

Budget is 1500 but I would not rule out spending (maybe quit a lot) more. Mostly it will be sailed/raced on Wednesday nights and winter Sundays and I'm wondering if I could cope with a Phantom at 76 kg in my shorts? Solution, D-Zero and Aero are also possibles as are Solo. OK and maybe even a L@ser.....

Thoughts so far :-

D-Zero, Aero and Solution are probably over budget (though a Solution showed up this week that was just affordable).

Phantom is definitely affordable but depends on the PN committee at L&LSC and being able to hold the damn thing flattish............

Solos are affordable but I'm not prepared to maintain a wooden boat and competitive plastic ones are expensive.

L@ser..... well...... I sailed one last week for an hour and it wasn't as bad as I expected but I guess anything feels okay in F3......

Or should I just buy another Blaze?

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"
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Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 9:47pm
Solution [ /end thread]

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 11:45pm
Why did I know you'd say that Graeme... :) Definitely like the idea but used ones are a bit scarce and somewhat stretching of the budget.

FWIW it was your Phantom thread that got me considering a Phant as a possibility, then my mate beat me on handicap after I finished 30 secs in front (sailing the Blaze) in his pre 999/tin rig Phantom on it's handicap of 1047. He's a good bit heavier than me but we're probably pretty evenly matched in ability. 

I guess, on aggregate, I might be better sailing at the bottom of a boats weight range than at the top.

I'm pretty good in the light stuff and not so much when it blows so I guess it comes down to 
do I choose a boat that flatters my strengths or compensates for my weaknesses'? The Blaze does the the latter but maybe the compromise in light wind performance on a small lake, is too much of a disadvantage and I should accept that I'm not going to be competitive in a blow......

Spice 346 "Flat Broke"
Blaze 671 "supersonic soap dish"
Supernova 395 "dolly the sheep"

Posted By: Phil_1193
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 6:14am
Originally posted by Sam.Spoons

I'm wondering if I could cope with a Phantom at 76 kg in my shorts?

Yes you will.

But in all honesty, if you sail a Blaze anyway I would suggest you stick with one.

Having recently sailed against a few, including the current national champion, when it gets to hiking weather, they will be more comfortable and controllable for you up wind than the Phantom, but down wind in the same conditions, the Phantom is the easy winner. In light weather crouched in the bottom of the boat, neither are very comfortable!!

Swings and roundabouts.

If however you are sailing the same type of boat at both locations, it can only improve your sailing and understanding of what makes that boat go. Swapping and changing means adapting each time you sail, possibly affecting your competativeness in each boat.

Posted By: Rupert
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 7:31am
Boat swapping is fun, though! You may never reach the potential like a full time Laser sailor would, but you won't forget how to smile, either.

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Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 05 Sep 17 at 10:38am
Well I'm OK in light and have always struggled in single handers in a breeze, probably because most of my single hander choices have been a tad over canvassed, EPS 9.4, Blaze, 10, RS100 10.2 (not that I gave it long enough) and this, (the Solution) has been the first boat I can still consider that I'm actually competing in rather than just get round surviving. I've had a couple of quite breezy races I've managed to hold my own in but I put that down to the beam of that Solution, it seems relative to it's length and the sail size quite wide so there's a fair bit of righting moment the further back you sit. (You tend to want to sit on a narrower bit when it's light and get forced back when it gets breezy). Not that I won't get thrashed by the other young guy when it get seriously gusty, but he's as many kilos heavier as he is years younger, but it gives one a measure of how useless one still is in a breeze.
One day I'll capitulate and get into a bloody streaker or something more suitable to 68 kgs, but I'll miss the power and being able to seek the front of the fleet where tbh I'm happiest and lots of times when it's windy folk don't race anyway so it doesn't really make lots of sense to equip for strong wind.

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