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Topic: Panhandlers?
Posted By: iGRF
Subject: Panhandlers?
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 3:54pm
So, are there any left?

Yes I'm talking about the proper way to hold the wiggle stick thing..

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Posted By: Eisvogel
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 4:03pm
Yes, best way with a transom-sheeted dinosaur.

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Posted By: Fatboi
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 4:11pm
Absolutely!! Plenty left. best way to hold the tiller in some conditions. Usually marginal ones, so that you can clamp down the tiller and move your body, while ensuring you dont move the tiller. 
A classic stance in the finn for any conditions before you need to steer more frequently - over waves, etc. 

Also a good way to hold it when sailing with your weight really far forward downwind, so that the stick isnt just pointing straight forwards and flopping about. 

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 6:02pm
Yup. me too, useless trying to use dagger grip when trapzing high on the Spice and you can't hold it across your body unless you consider banging the crew upside the head every 20 seconds good sport. And you can't pass it across your chest before tacking/gybing because the trapeze wire is in the way (and you must have it behind you because a 2m tiller extension and centre mainsheet means you must pass it 'round the back. On the Blaze I use dagger grip nearly all the time but I have a transom bridle and sheet off the boom with no mainsheet cleat.

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Posted By: Paramedic
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 8:43pm
I use both dagger and pan grip depending on conditions in the same boat!!

As with all things there are times when one really is better than the other even if the taught method states otherwise 

Posted By: iGRF
Date Posted: 22 Aug 17 at 8:50pm
Well I like to use it like a pen, and we all know the pen is mightier than the sword never mind the puny dagger and as to pots and pans, we all know where they get used most.

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Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 1:19pm
Just curious, I've sailed the Spice a few times in the last couple of weeks and find myself trying to hold the tiller extension across my chest as I have learned to do in the Blaze with the obvious issues of poking the crew in the ear and getting the long extension tangles in the trapeze wire. I quickly adapted back to sailing with the extension at my side but is it possible to use the modern across the chest method in a twin wire boat?

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Posted By: ttc546
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 1:27pm
If I remember when I had my Spice (332) years ago,  the issue for me was getting it caught in my own trapeze wire, so reverted back to PanHandle grip. I would imagine its the same for most Twin wire boats where the stick is very long to accomodate being out on the wire, but needs to be short enough when you are not..


Posted By: piglet
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 2:21pm
Originally posted by Sam.Spoons

 is it possible to use the modern across the chest method in a twin wire boat?

When I had a Contender I used Frying pan upwind when I was at or near the end of the wiggle stick.
Downwind reaching when I moved back I went across the chest Laser stylie but in front of the trap wire, bit weird steering with a near extended tiller arm but it worked for me and I could 2 hand sheet.
I think I was the only one doing it though, and I never won anything so draw your own conclusions.

Posted By: Do Different
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 7:25pm
Hiya SamS.
Never helmed a twin wire and hardly expert at what I do but I so far as I can think I mostly have the tiller dagger style over over the same shoulder on the Contender.
One reason for never going panhandle is not wanting to fall on and break the extension if things go wrong; worked for me so farSmileWink 

Posted By: cad99uk
Date Posted: 04 Sep 17 at 7:54pm
Dagger grip on the RS800 but keep it behind the trapeze wire.

Posted By: Sam.Spoons
Date Posted: 18 Sep 17 at 9:36pm
And how does the crew feel about that?

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