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Light parachute shaped head sail.
The sail set on the second (aftermost, or rear) mast - as on a ketch.
A three-hulled boat.
Small flag often at the mast head which is often used to indicate wind direction.
The largest sail (apart from the spinnaker).
The wooden, metal or carbon struts attached horizontally to the upper section of the mast, on both sides. They widen the angle of the shrouds and thus provide a better support for the mast.
A nautical term for speed: one nautical mile per hour. Also a term indicating a method used to tie a line.
Any object floating as a marker and anchored to the bottom. It may be used as a navigational aid, a means of mooring or as an indicator of a racing course.
The lowest part of a hull next to the keel. The planks each side of the keel are the 'garboard strakes'.
Port side
The left side of the boat.
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