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Used as guides for oars.
Depth a hull is immersed, from the surface of the water to the lowest point of the hull, keel or other extension.
Roller Reefing
Reefing by rolling some of the mainsail around the boom or the jib around the forestay.
Back a sail
To hold a sail in such a way, that the wind will fill it from the opposite to usual side. This manoeuvre is used to slow down the boat (as if applying brakes), or to force a boat to tack when in irons.
Four-sided sail that goes forward as well as aft of the mast.
The wooden, metal or carbon struts attached horizontally to the upper section of the mast, on both sides. They widen the angle of the shrouds and thus provide a better support for the mast.
Apparent wind
The combination of the true wind and the wind caused by the boat's own speed. This is the wind felt on the boat, as well as the one shown by the telltales.
A track (usually metal) with a sliding fixture. The fixture usually holds the main sheet and the sliding allows for changing sail angles.
A general name for all masts, booms, gaffs, and bowsprits.
The top part of a triangular sail or a toilet in a cruiser.
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