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A device - may be electronic or mechanical - used for keeping the boat on course without having to steer it. It uses a compass and is attached to the boat's steering mechanism.
Any sail located in front of the main mast.
Port side
The left side of the boat.
Type of winch particularly used in raising an anchor.
A pivoting board that prevents the boat from sliding sideways.
A very small sail, used in heavy weather instead of a mainsail.
The horns on the end of a gaff (fits each side of the mast).
Neap Tide
When the tide range is the least - rising less and dropping less than the other tides during the four week cycle.
The assembly of the boat.
In irons
All way lost when attempting to tack. The boat is pointing into the wind with the sails flapping - it will not pay off to either tack by its own momentum and is temporarily out of control.
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