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A spar (a wooden or metal pole) attached to the mast at a right angle, used to support the foot of a sail.
Neap Tide
When the tide range is the least - rising less and dropping less than the other tides during the four week cycle.
A track (usually metal) with a sliding fixture. The fixture usually holds the main sheet and the sliding allows for changing sail angles.
An aft corner of a triangular sail.
Crosswise member, provides hull stiffness and forms a seat in the boat.
To be on or to go to the shore.
Sometimes called a jibstay, or a headstay. A cable supporting the mast, running from the bow to the top of the mast.
The space on a catamaran, usually made of some kind of mesh, located between the two hulls. It's a place for the crew (like a cockpit on dinghies and cruisers).
Roll up a sail.
A weighted extension of a boat running below it that prevents the boat from sliding sideways.
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