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The pole attached to the deck at the right angle, holding up the sails.
Any object floating as a marker and anchored to the bottom. It may be used as a navigational aid, a means of mooring or as an indicator of a racing course.
Any sail located in front of the main mast.
The front end of a boat.
Topping Lift
Rope used to support the boom when it is not held by the fully hoisted sail.
Reduce the area of a sail.
Bare poles
In a very strong wind it is possible to be propelled by the force of the wind on only the mast and the boom. To sail in such a way is called ‘bare poles’.
Stand-on vessel
A boat that has the right-of-way over the give-way vessel. It must maintain its course and speed.
Sail with the wind abeam, or almost so.
Nautical almanac
A book published annually, containing all current data: navigational, tidal, astronomical etc.
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