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Topping Lift
Rope used to support the boom when it is not held by the fully hoisted sail.
Universal joint fitting that links the end of the boom to the mast.
Crosswise member, provides hull stiffness and forms a seat in the boat.
In irons
All way lost when attempting to tack. The boat is pointing into the wind with the sails flapping - it will not pay off to either tack by its own momentum and is temporarily out of control.
A line used to trim sails.
Fall Off
Turn away from the wind when sailing.
Forum Wind
Often referred to on forum threads after a sail on a windy day. A forum wind speed of 35 knots often equates to a real wind speed of 15-20 knots.
To get rid of water accumulated in the boat. Dinghies are often fitted with self bailers which, when opened, drained water out of the boat.
The horns on the end of a gaff (fits each side of the mast).
Sometimes called a jibstay, or a headstay. A cable supporting the mast, running from the bow to the top of the mast.
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