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Starboard Tack
Sailing with the wind coming over the starboard bow.
Goose Winging
Sailing before the wind with the jib held out to the opposite side of the mainsail.
Let out.
Turn away from the wind. A wind change clockwise. To veer a cable is to let it out more.
A device - may be electronic or mechanical - used for keeping the boat on course without having to steer it. It uses a compass and is attached to the boat's steering mechanism.
The bottom edge of the sail - the one attached to the boom.
Small flag often at the mast head which is often used to indicate wind direction.
The direction to which the wind is blowing.
Back a sail
To hold a sail in such a way, that the wind will fill it from the opposite to usual side. This manoeuvre is used to slow down the boat (as if applying brakes), or to force a boat to tack when in irons.
The front end of a boat.
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