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Broad Reach
Sailing with the wind slightly aft of the beam.
The part of the hull above the water.
Apparent wind
The combination of the true wind and the wind caused by the boat's own speed. This is the wind felt on the boat, as well as the one shown by the telltales.
A device located on the aft part of the boom, used to secure the clew, so that the foot is kept tense.
To get rid of water accumulated in the boat. Dinghies are often fitted with self bailers which, when opened, drained water out of the boat.
Metal tubular guard rail at the bow.
Universal joint fitting that links the end of the boom to the mast.
Weight of water a craft displaces when afloat.
A device containing at least one sheave (pulley wheel) for altering the direction of a rope.
Area between the curved leech of a mainsail and a straight line between the head and the clew.
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