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A fitting for securing a line. It can be wooden, metal or nylon.
Apparent wind
The combination of the true wind and the wind caused by the boat's own speed. This is the wind felt on the boat, as well as the one shown by the telltales.
Sailing in a circle to change direction downwind to avoid a gybe. May also mean turning away from the wind, as in veer.
True Wind
The strength and direction of the actual wind blowing. While sailing, the true wind is never felt – it’s always a combination of the true wind, and the boat's speed (called the apparent wind), and it’s always a little forward to the true wind.
The part of the hull above the water.
The top part of a triangular sail or a toilet in a cruiser.
A spar attached to the rudder by the rudder head, used to control the direction of the boat. A steering wheel is another mechanism.
Una Rig
Boat rigged with a single sail.
Nautical almanac
A book published annually, containing all current data: navigational, tidal, astronomical etc.
The aft edge of a triangular sail - the one that's not attached to anything.
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