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Close Hauled
Sailing as close as possible to the wind.
A fitting for securing a line. It can be wooden, metal or nylon.
To leeward - opposite to the source of the wind-side of a boat.
A device - may be electronic or mechanical - used for keeping the boat on course without having to steer it. It uses a compass and is attached to the boat's steering mechanism.
The front end of a boat.
A pivoting board that prevents the boat from sliding sideways.
Lifting keel that moves up and down through its case or trunk (instead of pivoting like a centreboard). A Mirror dinghy uses a daggerboard.
Broad Reach
Sailing with the wind slightly aft of the beam.
Thin line holding gear in place. The lashing on the end of a shroud.
All standing
To have all sails flying when running before the wind.
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