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To sail through the wind during an upwind course. Also means the front lower point of a sail.
A spar attached to the rudder by the rudder head, used to control the direction of the boat. A steering wheel is another mechanism.
Stand-on vessel
A boat that has the right-of-way over the give-way vessel. It must maintain its course and speed.
Port Tack
Sailing with the wind coming over the port bow.
The front end of a boat.
Swinging unintentionally from side to side of the intended course.
Upright partition across the boat.
Buoyancy garment. In Britain the name is reserved for one that will turn a person the right way up. Otherwise it’s called a buoyancy aid.
The rear boat area where the crew operates the boat (also referred to as the area below decks).
Wood or metal plate fixed in the head of a sail.
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