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Thin line holding gear in place. The lashing on the end of a shroud.
A device containing at least one sheave (pulley wheel) for altering the direction of a rope.
Nautical almanac
A book published annually, containing all current data: navigational, tidal, astronomical etc.
Two or more objects observed in line. Used for navigation and for gauging distance from a startline.
The horns on the end of a gaff (fits each side of the mast).
The rear boat area where the crew operates the boat (also referred to as the area below decks).
Roller Reefing
Reefing by rolling some of the mainsail around the boom or the jib around the forestay.
To sail through the wind during an upwind course. Also means the front lower point of a sail.
A very heavy material, such as lead or iron, placed in the keel of the boat, or in the bilge. It is used to provide stability. In sailing dinghies the crew uses their weight as ballast.
Light parachute shaped head sail.
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