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Strong point for securing a rope. This may be ashore or on another vessel.
Strong rope used for anchoring.
Floating without any means of propulsion and without mooring.
Stand-on vessel
A boat that has the right-of-way over the give-way vessel. It must maintain its course and speed.
Protective pad fitted around a boat (sometimes applied to hanging pads).
In the middle of the boat.
Direction between astern and abeam is 'on the quarter' (the corner between the gunwhale and the transom on each side).
Apparent wind
The combination of the true wind and the wind caused by the boat's own speed. This is the wind felt on the boat, as well as the one shown by the telltales.
A fitting for securing a line. It can be wooden, metal or nylon.
Four-sided sail that goes forward as well as aft of the mast.
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